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Bad weekend for REC, Cesson Saint-Brieuc strikes a blow, Quimper 29 cements its place on the podium

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This weekend, REC fell in their room to Ajaccio (3-2) in Ligue B while Cesson Saint-Brieuc beat Conflans-Andrésy (3-0) in Elite. Back to all our Breton club volleyball results.

REC narrowly loses in Ligue B.

After their convincing victory over Avignon (3-1) last week, REC hosted Gazelec Ajaccio this weekend during the ninth day of Ligue B. (2-3). Painful defeat Since Breitlin’s team seemed to outperform their opponents in most areas of play, they shone particularly in attack through their trio: Tetouan Haley, Ángel Rodríguez Dosal and Ethan William Jarrett. But Quentin Marion’s men failed to serve late in the game, giving the Corsicans the victory. REC remains in spite of everything at the bottom of the rating.

Sison Saint-Brieuc achieves this feat

In the lower echelon, Sisson Saint-Brieuc dominated Conflan Andrezi (3-0) in front of angry supporters. The Ile-de-France residents were still leading the elite ahead of the game, but the Violet put up a near-perfect match. Since the first set, the Costamorcans have taken the psychological advantage by imposing their good team game. With this very important success against one of the champions of the tournament, Théo Bourquin and company have moved up to second place just behind Harnes, who has the same number of points.

Saint-Renan gets some air at National 2

At National 2, Saint-Renan did well against Mérignac (3-1), a direct rival from the Finisterians. However, the match started in the worst way for the Rennais team, who gave up the first round quickly (9/25). Then they pulled themselves together to get back in the game and take control to win in four sets.

For their part, CPB Rennes and Kloar-Aven VB 29 suffered a setback. Lescar Promotion dominated the Bretilliens (3-1) due to erratic. They are still bottom of the championship and will have to pull themselves together against Chartres next weekend. After a good start to the match, Cloharsen fell to Sporting Club de Lueste (3-2).

Coimbre wins the derby over Rick in the elite

For the women, Quimper Volley faced off against 29 and REC this Saturday in a 100% Breton derby. The balance slipped in favor of Finisteriennes at the end of a smooth match (3-1). At the same time, they have their fifth success in a row and are fast approaching qualification for the play-offs. On the contrary, Louise Narbonne and her colleagues left the Top 4 Elite in favor of Bordeaux.

Tough weekend for the REC and Quimper reserves in patriotism 2

Quimper’s reserves did not have the same success in National 2. Facing relegation rivals Malakoff, Finistériennes missed their encounter altogether with a 3-1 loss. The REC B team, which is going through a very complicated start to the season, didn’t go far to put in a solid performance against UGS Seine Ouest before losing in five sets (3-2). Unfortunately with this defeat, Rin is still in the penultimate position of the tournament.

All results:

REC – Gazilec Ajaccio: 2-3 (25/23; 22/25; 25/18; 21/25; 11/15)

Sisson St Brieuc – Conflans Andressi: 3-0 (25/16; 25/20; 25/20)

  • National 2 men:

San Renan Aeroise – Meriniac: 3-1 (9/25; 26/24; 25/23; 25/23)
CPB Ren 35 Lescar upgrade: 1–3 (19/25; 25/16; 22/25; 15/25)
Sporting Club West – Kloar-Aven VB 29 : 3-2 (13/25; 25/20; 21/25; 25/18; 20/18)

  • National 3 men:

Future Marpire – Sisson St Brieuc : 2-3 (25/18; 19/25; 25/20; 21/25; 10/15)
Paris volleyball – 3. Registration :3-1 (25/19; 25/19; 22/25; 25/23)
Orgerblon – St. Cloud Paris: 1–3 (18/25; 25/20; 24/26; 19/25)
Sison Chanteby Fern – CSM Clamart: 2-3 (22/25; 25/21; 19/25; 25/18; 11/15)
Bonn – ESP Bibriac Canton : 0–3 (26/28; 21/25; 25/27)

29REC : 3-1 (27/25; 25/22; 20/25; 25/17)

  • National 2 for women:

USM Malakov – Quimper Volleyball 29 2 : 3-1 (24/26; 26/24; 25/18; 25/11)
SKU Seine West – REC2 : 3-2 (22/25; 18/25; 25/20; 25/11; 15/11)

  • National 3 for women:

CPB Ren 3556- Volleyball valves : 3-0 (25/14; 25/18; 25/15)
CEP Poitiers – Montgermont : 3-2 (25/18; 23/25; 25/18; 18/25; 15/13)
Sporting Club West – Saint Laurent Star Metropolis Brest : 3-2 (25/20; 15/25; 25/13; 23/25; 18/16)

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