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Five keys to brand success on social media

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The advent of social media has naturally created a host of key opportunities for brands looking to engage their audience. However, 30% of the content they post there is not read by mobile users. A trend that poses new challenges to brands in their mobile and social brand content strategies.

no drop But it was created specifically for social media.

The first mistake that should not be made is considering social networks as an additional means of communication and therefore wanting to use them in television or print communication campaigns. In fact, each network and each platform has specific visual and narrative codes that are all components of their success. Thus, to integrate seamlessly into the massive flow of content offered by these platforms (a French mobile user browses more than 150m of content per day), brands must create specific content that adopts language and key drivers. To name a few, let’s note: vertical content visibility, importance trends, Segmentation and originality of messages and development of dynamic and experiential content.

Take care of your entry. Everything is played from the first seconds!

The window to attract the attention of potential clients and customers on social networks is very short. For example, in FBBrands must capture the attention of their audience in less than 1.7 seconds. In this context of rapid consumption, the scroll stop should be an integral part of the brand’s mobile strategy: the first seconds of videos will be a hit. Furthermore, the short form requires special attention in editorial design. Written texts must be permeated with catchy phrases in order to become attractive. Finally, translation should not be neglected. 74% of mobile videos are consumed without playing audio FB Investing in impactful translations will make all the difference.

Cultivation of testing, learning and agility in production

Social networks, and the uses that are made of them, are evolving so fast that it is impossible to have an overly dogmatic attitude because they can become outdated very quickly. The best way to do this is to be constantly on a test and learn approach by creating lots of different content and constantly adjusting. The success of a social media campaign will not depend on the same criteria from one brand or audience to another. Tik TokAnd the snap chatAnd the instagram,… They should all be seen as real beta labs to get to know your audience and their behavior on mobile better. So in the campaign we will launch 3-4 different formats and we will improve the live performance.

“Drill” on TikTok, the one billion subscriber platform

Tik Tok It not only disturbs the codes of social networks, but above all turns into a real social phenomenon (search engine in the US Tik Tok exceed that of The Google in 40% of Genz searches) which forces brands to rush to the platform for a chance to perfect what is already being said about them. The same goes for the content strategy, which has to be completely redesigned on the platform due to the fact that the boundaries between organic and paid content are very fine. Exit Commercial, Commercial or Ultra Smooth Videos: Tik Tok It’s a world of ready-to-eat, entertainment and experience. Radical change in substance and form.

Think “brand performance”

“Performance brands” aim to appeal to the product and create emotion through the narrative, much more so than what is called “functional” storytelling. Social media is also an ideal way to develop narrative content that feeds a brand image. The freedom of social networks also provides much more opportunities than commercials on TV. Conversion and performance are the brands’ goal and the recipe is a winner. on me Tik Tok For example, an operation for Le velvet allowed to Please to increase their sales by +146%.

Tribune Posted by Benjamin Bergey, Director of Brand Content and Consulting at Mozoo.

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