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Horizon Institute, which makes professional life simpler, clearer and more comfortable

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If an expert in real estate coaching, Jerome Ferrero offers his apprenticeship and coaching to all those who want clarity, exploit their full potential and align their professional and personal lives.

Four out of ten workers are no longer complete in their work

Sunrise on the horizon. This vision, as beautiful as it is to observe, can also be a metaphor for the beginning of a new personal journey, for a new phase that begins with a vision and a horizon that is discovered as it progresses. It is this interpretation that guides Jerome Ferrero, founder of the Horizon Institute in 2020, who accompanies many professionals, executives, business creators, entrepreneurs and leaders. “Four out of ten workers want to change jobs or career paths during the year, and this is massive. I feel that many entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees, who are already experts in their subject matter, no longer feel aligned with their core project. They get the impression that they are losing their lives and even offering Their family life is at risk.”

If he has a strong appetite for real estate, Jerome supports professionals from all fields to make their careers more comfortable, so that they impact their daily lives. “Work should be a space that helps make professionals happier and better. With my team, we believe it is possible to inspire our clients and partners to do just that. We believe that a career is the development factor for one’s full life.” tell us. Today, the Horizon Institute brings together many professional, passionate, and certified trainers, all of whom are national experts in their respective fields. “Our goal is to find clients and partners who share the same beliefs, and work together so that we can all succeed and achieve this vision.”

Real estate manager from 2000 and then a professional real estate coach from 2006, founder of the Horizon Institute trained apprenticeships, in order to combine different areas of expertise.

between experience and creativity

To provide the manager “clarity, vision, and energy to drive action,” Jerome plays skillfully between his various hats: client strategy, team cohesion, life balance and time management.

Sometimes a trainer, real estate expert advisor, or EMCC-certified professional trainer, this expert is attentive and creative. “The first thing I do is study the needs, way of life, needs and goals of my clients. Through this study, we will create the appropriate tools and plan in order to focus on the behavioral side, which will then work on high-level performance and results,” he explains.

Professional coaching sessions are iconic moments, where trust between coach and client is quickly established. In this space of exchange, the latter will be able to immerse themselves in the realization of their inner resources. Target? Be independent in its implementation and make good decisions. Jérôme Ferrero can also provide training tailored to specific and measurable needs, in groups or individually. These can deal with technical topics in real estate (taking an inventory, drafting a lease, collecting rent, etc.) as well as professional skills (time management and life balance, management techniques, communication, team cohesion, etc.).

Reduce stress, an important performance factor

Feeling more aligned with your work is a positive thing in many ways. In addition to the idea of ​​good humor, calming and apparent happiness, motivation and efficiency will be enhanced. “Stress removes between 30 and 40% of our cognitive abilities. If you can reduce this stress by arriving at your workplace happy, it will immediately show in your performance. I have the conviction that when we align our lives with our values, we will inspire our team, and we will attract Naturally more prospects and we’ll connect better with others and we’ll have much better results, across the board.” Jerome says. His professional experience and numerous studies on this subject prove his correctness.

The world of work is constantly evolving, and the Horizon Institute also has great ambitions to always support its clients with more modernity. To do this, the entrepreneur, who believes that “knowledge can only grow if it is shared”, will launch a digital platform for professional growth (business techniques, time management, etc.) through online training in a very short format, in five to ten minutes to practice every day. “Traditional vocational training must be redesigned to provide an engaging, comprehensive and enhanced continuing education.” This concept of micro-learning makes it possible to assimilate all types of support in an absurd way, in order to generate action. Starting next year, Jerome will continue the work that has been done to create an inspiring community of entrepreneurs, through conferences and exchange moments. The opportunity to share the values ​​of the Horizon Institute with as many people as possible.

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