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Germany’s floating LNG terminal delayed

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Der Spiegel reports that Germany’s new floating LNG terminal has been delayed for several weeks.

The new floating LNG terminal was expected to be launched in early December, but the project is still awaiting approval procedures. The LNG terminal is still expected to be launched before the end of the year, a spokesperson for Deutsche ReGas – the operator of the terminal, told Der Spiegel.

Demand for floating storage units and LNG regasification units (FSRUs) has increased significantly this year as Europe faces severe energy supply pressures with Russia excluded from the supply mix for many buyers. For Europe, building and operating these FLNG projects is a race against time.

The first FSRU for use at the German Lubmin facility arrived at the port of Mukran in late November. From there he is ready to travel to Lubmin where he will eventually be posted.

By the time the FSRU reached Mukran, all the components needed to complete the LNG terminal were in the area – but Deutsche ReGas warned that commissioning could only take place after all required permits had been obtained. Germany’s Federal Network Agency exempted its station from tariff and network access regulations for 20 years.

The Lubmin plant must pump 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas annually into the German network.

Germany also has other projects in the pipeline, including in Wilhelmshaven, Stade and Brunsbuttel.

Germany and its peers in the European Union are facing an energy crisis this winter and next, and it is expected that the coming winter will be more dangerous than the current one. Like other EU members, Germany faces rising gas prices and is in the midst of a dispute with other EU members over the level at which gas prices in the bloc will be set.

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