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Harry and Meghan’s chances of receiving an invitation to King Charles’ coronation are in question

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To invite or not to invite – that is the question King Charles Regarding Prince Harry and the Meghan Markle To attend his coronation next year… Opinions are many.

Now that the couple’s Netflix doc is out (at least in part), many have wondered what will happen at the King’s big party next spring — namely, will the Duke and Duchess be invited to attend? Or, on the contrary … they were openly said that they were not welcome?

It’s been the opinion of many so-called royal experts in recent days – and the consensus seems to be… depends on what comes out of their series.

To date, there haven’t really been any truly explosive accusations against the royal family that we weren’t already aware of. In the first three episodes of “Harry and Meghan,” the couple mostly talked about how they met and navigated British press/early royal life.

While the first official trailer seemed to promise harsh criticism of the senior members, including Prince William And Charles – the doctor has been relatively nice lately. The second half, which is set to air on December 15th, is sure to feature more incendiary content… namely, after covering the first dance at Meghan and Harry’s wedding, which Netflix teased with a new clip.

Now, if Harry and Meghan delve deeper into allegations of racism about their son, Archie, it could easily dent their chances of being invited to the coronation in May… which, as of now, is already slated for its fourth birthday. Baby. on this date. .

It’s unclear if this is intentional or not, but it sure looks fishy. Either way, neither party has officially commented on plans for Harry and Meg to attend or not… but some insiders have claimed that Charles’ wife, CamilleHe wished they were there.

Some in the UK are bluntly saying Harry and Meghan should step down before Charles makes a decision… sure they’ve burned a bridge here a lot. Stay listening

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