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Berlin’s 25-meter aquarium explodes, spilling debris and killing hundreds of fish

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A massive aquarium exploded in Berlin on Friday, causing glass, water and hundreds of tropical fish to spill out of the Sea Life tourist attraction in the heart of the German capital.

Police said a wave of debris engulfed the building, which also contains a hotel, cafes and a chocolate factory, as a million liters of water gushed out from the basin shortly before 6 am.

Berlin firefighters said two people were slightly injured. They said rescue dogs were searching the building for anyone who might be trapped under the rubble.

Significant damage was observed at the AquaDom, the aquarium located in the lobby of the Radisson Blu Hotel in central Berlin. For several years, an elevator ran through the center of the aquarium, taking visitors through the underwater world as they ascended and descended through the building. (Niklas Scheel/Reuters)

Sea Life operators say the 25-meter-tall AquaDom was the largest cylindrical tank in the world and was home to more than a thousand tropical fish before the accident. Among the 80 species of fish he had were bluefish and clownfish, the well-known species from the popular animated movie Nemo world.

“We haven’t been able to walk through the entire first floor yet, which is most likely where these fish are,” said fire department spokesman Adrian Wenzel. But the truth is that the water has completely escaped and about 1,400 fish that were in this tank could not be saved. »

There was speculation that freezing temperatures that dropped to -10 °C overnight caused the tank to crack and then burst under the weight of the water. Police said there was no evidence that the accident resulted from an attack.

People wait to be taken out of the hotel after the AquaDom explodes. (Michel Tantoussi/Reuters)

Exploding “shrapnel everywhere”

Sandra Weisser, a German MP who was staying at the hotel, said she was woken up by a loud noise and thought there might be an earthquake.

“There are fragments [of glass] Everywhere. “The furniture was flooded, everything. It looked like a war zone,” she said.

Close-up of a shipwreck on a pier with a group of giant plants.
Another view of the damage to Berlin’s docks is shown as a firefighter stands amidst the wreckage outside the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin. (John McDougal/AFP/Getty Images)

The aquarium, which was last updated in 2020, is a major tourist attraction in Berlin. One of the attractions was the 10-minute elevator ride through the tropical reservoir.

Police said about 300 guests and staff were evacuated from the hotel surrounding the pool.

Berlin Hotel Aquarium Explosion

The world’s largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium, housing some 1,500 exotic fish, has inexplicably exploded in Berlin, spilling a million liters of water and wreaking havoc on a major road in the Mitte district.

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