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Lauren Boebert ripped to shreds Christmas letter from ’embarrassed’ voter

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A voter slammed Lauren Boppert in a Christmas speech, saying she “learned absolutely nothing” after running out of support during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s address to Congress.

Written by Carol Keure Herald Durango on Christmas Day that “after securing the narrowest margin for congressional re-election in the country, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert appears to have learned absolutely nothing.”

She added, “By refusing to stand up or pay tribute to Ukraine’s heroic President Volodymyr Zelensky during his address to Congress, she has once again embarrassed her constituents in the 3rd congressional district and across the country.” During this historic speech, Boebert was seen scrolling on her phone instead of listening, as she sat next to American actor Matt Gaetz who was doing the same. »

Ms. Cure criticized Ms. Boebert and Gaetz for refusing to “acknowledge the heroism” of Mr. Zelensky and the Ukrainians, who had been fighting the Russian invasion for more than 300 days.

The voter noted that the Republicans also ignored the Capitol Police and skipped a security check outside the House chamber, as previously mentioned. The Independent.

Ms Cure added: “They are part of a small group of far-right House members who oppose any future aid to Ukraine and call for a ‘thorough investigation’ into the aid already being sent to aid the embattled country’s war for survival.” Boebert clearly does not understand the importance of defending democracy in our world, nor does he care about the wishes of his constituents. This is clearly on the wrong side of history. Will you ever learn? ”

Russian state media is using both Gates and Boppert to convey the idea that Americans are tired of supporting Ukraine, according to the report. Russian Media Monitor.

When Russian state media covered Zelensky’s visit to the US, many right-wing pundits in the US lashed out at similar criticisms – criticizing the president for wearing a “baggy jacket and pants”.

Comments from Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley have also been used in state media reporting.

“I did not go to the speech because I did not want to participate in the photo session,” Hawley said in a clip broadcast on Russian television.

Only 86 of the 213 Republicans in the House attended the speech.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was also included in the Russian report.

He said, “They’re chanting like seals.” “So no matter what the man in the long pants says, send more money. I command you! Send me more money!”

The Russian journalist claimed that Mr. Gates and Mrs. Boepper were “brave” for not supporting Mr. Zelensky.

“Gates and Buebber did not cut their palms,” he said. “It is clear that they remained seated and did not jump.”

“Until Congress receives a full audit of where our money is really going, I will not support sending more money to this war,” Boebert said in a video used by the Russians.

The Independent I contacted Ms. Boebert for comment.

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