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Canadian leaders say Tyre Nichols’ death undermines the “credibility of police” around the world

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Canadian police leaders on Friday condemned the beating death of a black man by police during a traffic stop in the United States, saying the officers involved must be held accountable.

Conviction proceedings led to Nichols’ photos of death came as authorities in Memphis, Tennessee, were scheduled to release a video of what happened.

Nichols died three days after a January 7 encounter with five officers and his family who say video shows police brutally beating the 29-year-old motorist for three minutes.

The officers, all black, were charged Thursday with murder and other crimes.

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The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police described the circumstances of Nichols’ death as “appalling and deeply disturbing” and offered condolences to his loved ones.

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“(Officers’) duties must always be carried out in a transparent and professional manner, and high standards of policing as a profession must be maintained,” the union said in a statement. Every officer understands that he is responsible for his actions. »

The Ottawa Police Service said Nichols’ death and similar tragedies are destabilizing communities and undermining confidence in police across North America.

Ottawa Police said: “Nichols’ death, like so many before him, is tragic. We join the calls for justice and support the steps taken to fully investigate the incident and hold individuals accountable.”

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The chiefs of Peel Police, Windsor Police and Regina Police also issued statements condemning the actions of the officers charged in Nichols’ death.

Peel Chief Constable Nishan Durayappah said Nichols’ death was “extremely disturbing” and his thoughts are with the man’s family and community.

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Jason Byler, Chief Constable of Windsor, said Nicholls’ death and similar events had affected the “credibility of police” around the world, and that it would take a long time for police to rebuild relationships and rebuild trust with the community.

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He said his force will work with any community groups that want to plan peaceful protests in response to Nichols’ death.

Regina Police Chief Evan Bray called Nichols’ death “tragic and unnecessary” in a video posted to Twitter.

Bray said he had reached out to black community leaders in his city to express sympathy and noted that Nichols’ death had brought “all kinds of grief and shock.”

Given the potential for protests, Memphis Police Chief Serene Davis said she and other local officials decided it would be best to release the video later in the day, after schools are closed and people have returned from work.

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Nichols’ mother, Rovogen Wells, warned her supporters about the “horrific” nature of the video, but called for peaceful protests.

“I don’t want our city to be burned, the streets torn apart, because that’s not what my son stood for,” she said Thursday. If you are here for me and Tyre, you will demonstrate peacefully. »

Both officers face charges of second-degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, official misconduct, and official oppression. Four of the five officers had made a bond and were released Friday morning, according to court and jail records.

Second-degree murder carries a penalty of 15 to 60 years in prison under Tennessee law.

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As a precaution, schools in the Memphis area canceled all after-school activities and postponed an event scheduled for Saturday morning. Other early closures included the community offices of the city’s energy company and the University of Memphis.

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Davis said the other officers are still under investigation for violations of department policy. In addition, he said that a “comprehensive and independent review” would be conducted of the department’s specialized units, without giving further details.

Two fire department employees have also been fired over Nichols’ arrest.

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