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County taxi driver service in YYT

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Sometimes, a passenger’s flight through St. John’s International Airport is interrupted or slowed down due to a lack of taxis.

These situations happen, but they’re rare, says Lisa Bragg, YYT’s director of business development and marketing.

The airport contracts taxi service to City Wide at a net rate that differs from the normal schedule.

She says they still take care of the entire air and ground transportation experience. But the shortage of personnel in the taxi industry sometimes leads to the unavailability of a taxi.

The taxi service is supposed to be in place for arriving passengers, but isolated incidents usually occur in the early morning when people are less likely to want to work, says Bragg. “I can’t find any excuses for us or the taxis, but it’s a harsh reality and we’re trying to stay on top and do our best.”

Alan Murray, a taxi driver for two years, confirms these statements. He says there are plenty of taxis, but not many drivers.

He says most drivers work by day until 7pm and then the night shift continues until 3am or 4am, so there can be issues until the next drivers arrive around 8am.

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