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An Enwin official says the next ice storm is a “bad time” for the city

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Gary Rossi, president and CEO of Enwin Utilities, said they are still trying to restore service to all customers after last week’s ice storm.

On Sunday afternoon, Rossi said he still had 300 customers without power.

“We understand that living without energy isn’t ideal, but we’re working as hard as we can to get it back,” said Rossi.

Rossi said power line technicians have been working “non-stop” since the ice storm Wednesday night swept through the region, with many workers working up to 16 hours a day, as permitted during an emergency.

Many people who are still without electricity are waiting for a private electrician to make repairs to the water connection point in their home.

According to Rossi, once this work is complete, many residents will be able to regain their strength.

Rossi said they’ve had all potential employees help out since Wednesday, including the vice president who came to “scout” in front of a power line crew.

Rossi said the weather forecast in Windsor was “worrisome” as the previous storm had weakened many trees.

“It’s bad timing,” he said.

Rossi warns that if the weather on Monday brings cold temperatures, rain and high winds, it could lead to more power outages.

Enwin Utilities has a black card on its website for tracking outages.

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