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Square Enix is ​​releasing a promotion for its NFT game, Symbiogenesis

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Square Enix has officially unveiled the first trailer for Opposite, the upcoming blockchain-based game that is described as an “unlocked storytelling NFT entertainment.” While the exact nature of the game remains unclear, it looks like it will be a high fantasy story, as the new trailer depicts a floating continent filled with many magical locations and a towering world tree.

Square Enix has further confirmed on their newly launched website Opposite It will feature approximately 10,000 NFT collectible artworks, which will be a true “gaming artifact.”

These NFTs will focus on unique in-game characters “of different races and professions,” and users who purchase them will be able to use them as profile pictures. They will be sold when the six main chapters of the game are revealed and will contribute to the unfolding of the story.

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La description officielle de l’histoire du jeu se lit as suit « Dans un avenir pas trop lointain … l’humanité a réussi à survivre en vivant sur le continent flottant, le dernier refuge ûr sur Terre où la vie is encore possible au milieu de Pollution.” “Since the end of the conflict, people have been living while gradually restoring past civilization. However, their peaceful life was shattered by the dragon’s sudden attack, which put the existence of the Floating Continent itself into a tailspin. [sic] “.

As humanity struggles to fend off its onslaught, it faces choices that will determine its fate. By unraveling the mystery behind the origins of this world, they will have to face decisions to lead it into a perfect future. This is the story of humanity’s final choice to live together.

Although this description alludes to a traditional fantasy story full of exploration and epic quests, the details are still very vague and frankly a bit generic. Until now, OppositeThe only point of difference seems to be its inclusion of NFT and blockchain technology – a difference that is more likely to repel players than attract them.

Square Enix said that all story chapters can be completed and “played to the end even without any NFT characters” but that these in-game purchases will come with “a definite benefit to those who own NFT collectible art”. Players with NFT characters will be able to read unique stories, easily earn ranked experience points, create a “replica” of their character, and earn additional NFT art when completing missions.

Some story elements will be hidden from players who do not purchase NFTs, which will affect the overall gaming experience. Functionally, this indicates that in-game NFTs will look like in-game purchases or DLC packs – with the added burden of controversy, hate, price gouging, and potential. environmental damage.

With the NFT ship already navigating the public consciousness, with even former proponents like Ubisoft calling the technology “experimental” and research largely halted, the way forward is Opposite Uncertain. While the project has Great following on social networks, has many sound critics. After a tumultuous few years filled with disappointments and “lackluster” releases, Square Enix is ​​banking heavily on this experience.

Stay listening Opposite Website for new updates and a complete game roadmap.

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