5 deco tips to modernize your meeting room

Our unveils its five tips that will make you want to outdo yourself and create an atmosphere and a modern decoration for your future meeting room!

The meeting room is a predominant piece in the life of a business; This is THE room where strategic decisions are made but also where brainstorming sessions can be organized to bring out all the ideas of a team.

It is therefore essential to decorate and decorate your meeting room as much as possible so that it advocates hospitality, productivity, creativity, and its layout must stimulate exchanges and brainstorming. The goal? Push your creativity to the maximum with a trendy decoration, serene, unstructured, and comfortable. Let’s go!

Tip 1: Forget the flipchart, go for a giant whiteboard wall!

Say goodbye to your white walls and counter-productive decor! Add friendliness by installing a giant whiteboard wall or a huge slate to make it a productive & functional decoration. All the people in the company can illustrate it by writing ideas, quotes, and why not fun phrases that will motivate the troops!

In addition to a slate wall, you can also decorate your walls by taking an intense color of your graphic or sticking stickers and let appear original phrases, positive, quotes or mood boards for the most creative! An excellent way to add a pleasant atmosphere conducive to teamwork.

Tip 2: No more office chairs, opt for trendy sofas while emphasizing comfort!

What if you put aside your traditional office chair? Opt for individual “cozy” and colorful sofas! You can also install large sofas to accentuate the user-friendly aspect or even beanbags and hammocks to mix well-being and trendy.

Tip 3: Create a meeting room by opting for glass walls to optimize lighting

The brightness of your meeting room is crucial to promote the right working conditions! At Cosee Design, we are fans of the enclosed space with glass walls that let in the light while keeping confidential conversations. You can also think of installing lamps or ceiling lights!

Tip 4: What if you give a playful name to your meeting room that you could post in a letter?

More and more widespread in business, the name of the meeting room becomes a must! It is both practical to know the location of a meeting but can also be used to decorate it by using, for example, lettering! Feel free to use a quirky name or in the spirit of your business. So, ideas!

Tip 5: Go for a cozy atmosphere!

Forget the old school meeting rooms and boring, now place to cozy and cocooning atmospheres! To do this, what’s better than installing cushions, designer lighting, or plants? Growing greenery soothes the body & mind & this has been scientifically proven! Install flowers, potted plants, cactus or hanging plants and do not hesitate to have fun with the volumes. And for those who do not have the green thumb, you can always opt for artificial plants that do the same visual effect!

Advice: for the funny side, do not hesitate to integrate decorative objects related to the world of brainstorming, let your imagination speak!

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