5 decorating tips to organize your shop and optimize your sales

1 / Fluidify

The organization of your business is essential: an astute arrangement makes it possible to value the exposure of the products and to optimize circulation; a path that must appear free and independent for the customers to maximize the process of purchase.

First of all, it is essential to leave traffic areas in compliance with the regulations. Every place in your sales area is strategic and must be rationalized and thought out: the changing rooms, the promotion area, or the cash register are all places of loud passages that should be highlighted. Their site is not insignificant: placing the box at the bottom of the store allows, for example, to discover the entirety of it to the customer.

2 / Put in perspective

Be careful of your displays that showcase your products: they must not be too loaded and must group complementary or coordinated items. Your layout must be as transparent as possible to facilitate the decision to purchase but also optimize the space you have. To give ideas to customers, products will be grouped by theme. There is no specific rule, but it is a great way to execute a compelling merchandising visual. They allow brands to tell a story that encourages customers to buy, to reinvent themselves with new colors or a new design …

Thematic ideas are numerous and can range from color coordination to product grouping (launch of a new product, specific products for a season, complementarity with other promotions in stores, etc.).

Advice: the showcase reflects the image of the company and is decisive in the attractiveness of the point of sale. First visual contact with customers, it must allow in five seconds to intrigue, attract, and seduce to make you want to cross the door of the shop. We must, therefore, respect the rule of “3”:

  • three hotspots: these are the strategic points of the showcase in the eyes of customers
  • three heights to differentiate the products
  • three colors maximum to play on the communication and the perception of these by the customers
  • three flagship products to quickly attract customers and attract them to the point of sale

3 / Reveal

Too often neglected, lighting is an essential point of the development of your business since some studies show that good lighting allows a sales increase of 20%, then! In the window, it is essential to work because it helps to accentuate the contrast between volumes.

Economical and environmentally friendly, LEDs, which have the advantage of lasting much longer than conventional bulbs, also light up much better, consuming less.

Advice: the mirror. Not only does it have the advantage of enlarging a room by bringing perspective, but well placed, it reflects light, however weak it is and multiplies it. Whatever the style, baroque, industrial or vintage, on the other hand, we will prefer a large model.

4 / Structure

Well-chosen boutique furniture makes it easy to structure your presentations, without having to master the merchandising techniques; multiple solutions to smart storage are at your disposal to optimize your space even small.

Take advantage of the wall behind the counter to create interesting and engaging displays; Encourage impulses or last-minute purchases by storing nearby items that customers love or need.

Advice: Succeed in the cash corner. The wall behind the crate can be used to present a wide range of favorite products, handy for developing additional sales.

5 / Make dream

Always start by redoing the floor because it is he and your ceiling that will give depth to your store. Everything must be perfectly harmonious, so the walls must be in adequacy with the different carriers and elements of presentation; they must also be associated with the covering of the ground. The choice of painting or tapestry is, therefore, as important as the rest.

Create an atmosphere of daydream to spend a pleasant moment: you should know that half of the customers enter a shop for pleasure. Creating a course full of surprises and twists can only fuel the buying appetite that tends to decrease over the course.

The atmosphere is not only visual, but it is also sound, and the chosen music must always be at the limit of the audible and not cover conversations. However, prefer a cd rather than a radio – do not forget that the radio can at any time quote a commercial of a competitor.

Last recommendation but still very little used by small businesses, olfactory odors that are diffused smells. Know that even in ready-to-wear, it can have its effect, there is no rule about this atmosphere.

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