5 tips to put your photos in your decor

We have all these clich├ęs of our relatives, our animals, our travels … which would deserve to leave our phones and our hard disks to be exposed in our living spaces. There are many ways to stage them and create a trendy atmosphere, personalized, and your image.

Here are the five deco tips concocted by our team:

Accumulations of frames

A tendency of the moment, it is to accumulate the picture frames against a wall, on a shelf or a piece of furniture like a thread, for example! Pretty, trendy, and stylized, this technique will allow you to combine color photos, black and white photos, and stylish images.

Advice: Mix frames with both natural and wide borders, more straightforward beautiful boundaries, or even vintage gold borders.

Suspended or taped effect

A very trendy impact, especially on a desk or in an entrance, for example, is to pin your photos on a grid. You can mix quotes, inspirational phrases, and pretty pictures in Polaroid format or landscape format, for a natural effect. The whole thing is to select several photos to create an interior to your image! You can also hang your pictures on a hanger for a small side “home-made” but a guaranteed effect.

Advice: put your photos in black and white and bet on different formats with pretty little clips or colored tape (like masking tape for example) that you can easily find in a hobby store!

The herbarium effect

In the manner of a herbarium, it is beneficial to put your photos in pretty transparent backgrounds and let them hang in the air or against a wall (if there is a small chain). A stunning effect that has a little vintage side if you choose your brass or copper frames or even slightly rusted.

Advice: you can also choose wood for a small natural side and incorporate a small plant or a flower. There are also some excellent supports to put them merely against a piece of furniture!

Frames placed on the ground

Another technique that will give a little “trendy” side to your interior: put all your frames on the ground, provided they are massive! Combine smaller ones as well for a subtle effect. Mix the materials, the colors, and the formats for effect “gallery” and interior Paris again.

Advice: mixing several themes of photos: portraits, black and white, sepia, and other more colorful images to attract the eye!

Playing with everyday objects

Finally, a little known technique, but very original is to play with everyday objects to highlight your photos. Take, for example, tealight holders, jars or carafes (as long as the objects are transparent) and insert your most beautiful shots. Immediate effect guaranteed!

Advice: you can also include a small light garland for a “wow” effect after dark!

Here you know everything about our tips for staging your most beautiful photos in your decor. We hope you liked them and we find ourselves very quickly for new decorating trends!

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