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Press. The team behind the Instagood account is in a continuous search for creative, conceptual art, unique composition and use of colors. First of all don’t try to submit old photos because Instagram displays the tagged photos in chronological order. With some dedication to Instagram, making engaging posts often, Instagram can be a really valuable marketing tool for a hobbyist photographer. Search. The “feature accounts” are on a mission to discover and share unique photography in niche communities. We're having trouble playing this video. There is never enough on the list keep them coming! Tag the accounts below in your images and use their hashtag and you should be onto a winner. I was just what I was looking for. Do they pick out a photo from the numerous people who use their hashtag (like a lottery)? To join the community, you need to use the #justgoshoot hashtag. These curators search for hidden gems through hundreds of photos … Wouldn't it be great if you could spend every weekend browsing a famous photographer's work in a gallery, or by leafing through a … Check out what news outlets say about us! Let your imagination run free and come up with the most impressive visual stories and tag them with #exploretocreate to be featured. Learn how to use Instagram to reach new customers, grow your audience and engage with existing customers. March 22, 2019 10:05 AM EDT S ure, Ariana Grande may be Instagram’s most popular user. As long as you can pay for it and follow their guidelines for submission, you're golden. It will take a lot of try and error and creativity process, but when you finally get it stick with it. There is also a good chance that many accounts with large followings would accept a pay for post service but you would have to contact them individually for that. This is why consistently showing up on Instagram is so important. To submit a photo to be reviewed and featured by the Instagood team, you need to use the hashtag #instagoodmyphoto. Does anyone knows feature instagram account for experimental and multiple exposure kind of photography. What Hashtags to Use to Get Noticed on Instagram, Why You’re Losing Instagram Followers and How To Fix It, How I Reactivated My Disabled Instagram Account in 3 Days, How to Go Live on TikTok, Facebook, and Other Platforms, The Complete Guide to Building a Personal Brand in 2020. Before I share my favorite Instagram travel photographers, I wanted to introduce you to my account first. The trick is to use the hashtags that are relevant to your content and to be perseverant. One of the most effective ways to get the attention of as many users as possible is to get featured on one of the popular Instagram Feature Accounts. Guttenfelder has 1.1 million followers. Create a hashtag that customers use to be featured or ask your audience to tag your brand in any photos they take of your product. Their feed is full of unique places to visit and experience. If you want to learn how to build a good Also try and Others were created to help you make your Instagram stories even more fun to play with. Latest update: March 2018 Photography @illegalvisuals @royalsnappingartists @illgrammers @way2ill_ @heatercentral @theimaged … Then these accounts are perfect for you – just tag them in with their specific hashtag! First, create a list of the accounts that feature photographers. We are currently putting together our 2017 edition so stay tuned for that . Top Nine's generated since 2016. There are a few reasons why you might not have the new Instagram features on your account yet. Starting today, a few select businesses will be able to test this experience in feed. Read press. These curators search for hidden gems through hundreds of photos each day. @johnmayer, an American Singer-Songwriter, used Instagram to advertise his EPs, The Search for Everything.One of his campaigns that turned into a huge profit was – the use of Instagram Live feature. Found a fresh new Banksy or want to share some awesome street style? worth checking out. But not all your follows have to be celebrities — or even humans. Instagram Shopping is a set of features across Instagram that let people shop your photos and videos no matter where they are in the app. Can’t wait for the 2017 update. To be noticed by the curator of that account you’ll also need to use their unique hashtag when you post your image. Engage with them and try to learn from the best. Another way to ensure consistency is to find the niche or topic that best suits you and post the majority of your content in that niche. Try it today! Chris Burkard. You’re welcome! I don’t apply to most of them, but its a good list to have. Their hashtag is #worldtravelbook and for more exposure you can use more related hashtags. We are putting together our 2017 edition at the moment so we will try and put together some ideas for you in our update! Can we get an updated list this year? Check if you have the latest Instagram version. Tag your creative visual stories with #livefolk and get featured. The Instagram account of American visual artist Brian Donnelly, or Kaws as he is better known, flicks between pictures of his latest mutant-toy works (the most lucrative property on the market at the moment), photos of his children and candid snaps of his friends sat on his sofa. Instagram photographer #4: Jonpaul Douglass (@jonpauldouglass) Douglass in an established commercial photographer who likes to incorporate humor and surrealism in his minimal and design-driven photographs. The platform itself is build to drive more engagement than any other social platform. If black and white photography is your thing, then you should follow the Monoart account and try to get featured. Then you’ll love my account! Tag these accounts and hashtags: @igpodium_portraits – #igpodium_portraits – used 51,640 times – 63.4k followers, @fadedpsirits – #fadedspirits – used 13,233 times – 8425 followers, @makeportrait – #makeportrait – used 108,105 times – 37.9k followers, @humansmagazine – #humansmagazine – used 37,235 times – 22.6k followers, @vscoportrait – #vcsoportrait – used 277,613 times – 28.2k followers, @of2humans – #featuremeofh – used 526,541 times – 128k followers, @folkportraits – #folkportraits – used 112,708 times – 73.2k followers, @iiwiimag – #iiwiimag – used 88,600 times – 2664 followers, @pursuitofportraits – #pursuitofportraits – used 124,051 times – 53.1k followers, @facesobsessed – #facesobsessed – used 21,632 times – 11k followers, @2instagood – #2instagoodportraitlove – used 297,652 times – 60.5k followers. Hello Brian Venth, thank you for your list and your help. Don’t spread yourself too thin. They have pretty much the same rules: a specific hashtag #2instagoodportraitlove to use for the submitted works. If you have stumbled across our list of 101 Feature Accounts for Portrait Photographers you probably understand the value of getting your photos in front of a larger audience – skip straight to the list. Great photos have precedence. Because of it’s constant changes staying on top of all the new Instagram updates can be daunting, so I’ve put together a list of 24 new Instagram features you may not know about and how to use them!. Ready? Thank you, Glad you love it! Before Instagram, it was Flickr, and frankly, Flickr is still more photography oriented than Instagram.Despite their differences, they are both quite seductive to any photography newcomer. Millions of users consider Chris Burkard one of the best photographers on Instagram. Personalise Your Instagram Feed 1. World Travel Book is the last travel photography oriented Instagram account on our list. @foodprnshare -#foodprnshare – used 39,595 times – 326k followers, @foodporn_xox – #foodporn_xox – used 271 times – 10.4k followers, @ohmygodfoodporn – 36.7k followers – 36.8k followers, @the_daily_bite_ – #thedailybite – used 39,490 times – 47.3k followers. Jeff: I am a hobbyist photographer. View INSTAGRAM PRIVATE ACCOUNT Photos - 2019 View INSTAGRAM PRIVATE ACCOUNT Photos - 2019 Skip navigation Sign in. Trying to get more exposure! STUDY OTHER INSTAGRAMMERS THAT GET FEATURED. The advantage of the existence of so many travel feature accounts is that you can submit the same photos and increase your chances. Get up close and personal with your subjects and then submit your best shots to these accounts to get featured: @macro_spotlight – #macro_spotlight – used 306,861 times – 11.5k followers, @macro_highlight – #macro_highlight – used 287,621 times – 15.1k followers, @small_world_upclose – #smallworld_uc – used 172,342 – 26.4k followers, @macroclique – #macroclique – used 539,143 times – 36.2k followers, @macro_vision – #macro_vision – used 141,391 times – 84.3k followers, @macro_kings – #macro_kings – used 65,984 times – 2880 followers, @flair_macro – #flair_macro – used 68,097 times – 7800 followers, @igbest_macros – #igbest_macros – used 52,961 times – 19.7k followers. 2013–2016: Instagram introduces features such as videos, direct messaging, and advertising, and grows to over 400 million users. There are many others just keep searching my friend! Go on your App Store or Google Play Store and check if you have the latest Instagram update on installed on your phone. 50 of the Best Travel Photography Instagram Accounts you could find in 2018. We’ve scoured Instagram for food accounts that pass the test, featuring everything from inspirational plant-based dishes to brilliantly baked sourdough. They want to keep their feed consistent, so if your photos are not in line with what they already share you will not be featured. John Mayer. The feature, which was added in 2016, was initially thought to be a copy of Snapchat's hugely successful model. David Guttenfelder. The “feature accounts” are on a mission to discover and share unique photography in niche communities. If, like many of us, you often find yourself accidentally scrolling through social media for hours a time, it might be time to start following some of the best travel Instagram accounts for beautiful destination photos that will spark some vacation ideas.. Maybe you're the type of traveler that will hop on a plane to explore the tulip fields of Amsterdam. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the feature accounts out there, but it’s a great place to start whilst researching your own niche. Today I want to share with you some brief thoughts on why you should have at least one of these platforms. Create a collage with your top 9 Instagram moments from 2020. The difference is that this account focuses on portraits and fashion photography. Think of them as mini-communities within Instagram. Here are the best accounts I’ve found in a number of genres, so start tagging these accounts and hashtags into your posts today to really get a result and take your account to the next level. Thank you so much for putting this list together. Photolemur team has searched the web to find you this top insta pages to tag and follow. 383.8m Followers, 48 Following, 6,623 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Instagram (@instagram) Planning or instinct – what’s more important? So Instagram created the Stories Highlights feature. @MISTAKEmagazine – #MISTAKEmag – used 27,198 times – 31k followers, @sticks_and_stones_agency – #postmystickpics used 90.2k times – 343k followers, @postthepeople – #postthepeople – used 6.7m times – 79.4k followers, @photographenlarger – #enlargemyphoto – used 21,973 times – 9521 followers, @tcl_theclassylifestyle – #theclassylifestyle – used 2016 times – 59.4k followers, @yaf.magazine – #yafmagazine – used 9888 times – 34.1k followers, @cheadsmagazine – #cheadsmagazine – used 72,752 times – 296k followers, @skynmagazine – #skynmagazine – used 16,958 times – 120k followers, @pepumn – #pepumn – used 25,206 times – 118k followers, @simplybad – #simplybadmag – used 18,768 times – 35.3k followers, @hot_is_the_new_black – #hotisthenewblack – used 11,194 times – 168k followers, @hangovermagazine – #behangover – used 24.4k times  & #hangovermagazine used 14.1k times – 92.2k followers, @igpodium – #igpodium – used 646k times – 73.8k followers, @wearethepeople.magazine – #wearethepeoplemag – used 174k times  – 262k followers, @lepetitvoyeur – #lepetitvoyeursubmissions – used 12,586 times – 92.2k followers, @human.edge – #humanedge – used 34,108 times – 87.7k followers, @waitingontheworld – #ftwotww – used 383,455 times – 700k followers, @l0stfog – #l0stfog – used 22,410 times – 34.8k followers, @seekingthestars – #seekingthestars – used 102,951 times – 60.7k followers, @arsenicmagazine – #arsenic – used 262,708 times – 1m followers, @YumeMag – #yumemag – used 23,599 times – 131k followers, @Nakid_Magazine – #nakidmag – used 8213 / #nakidmagazine – used 4859 times – 343k followers. We’ll keep updating this list as often as possible, but if you have any popular accounts that are worth sharing, please do let us know in the comments below! The best bet it to do both… “@” tags are not hashtags therefore do not count towards the 30 hashtags you are permitted to use. Thanks so much. "Because if it's not on your Top Nine grid, did it really happen?" Keep an eye out for an update over the next few days. Thanks. You seem to have run into the same problem as me in the fashion section trying to find decent feature accounts that actually focus on fashion photography rather than just skin shots! Just tag these accounts and their hashtags: @underwater_pig – #underwaterpig – used 3392 times – 43.3k followers, @underwaterwednesday – #underwaterwednesday – used 15,652 times – 30.6k followers. The travel, landscape, and colorful photography is certainly the most popular category on Instagram right now. When you’re competing with hundreds of talented Instagram users for a spot on a feature Instagram account, the time of your posting in extremely important. Just wondering if you could answer a lingering question – what is ultimately the difference between tagging these pages within your photo (@) versus using their hashtag–do the two result in different people seeing the image? I do recommend tagging one or two at a time as these accounts do tend to ignore photos with too many of competitor Instagram accounts tagged. Crea un account o accedi a Instagram: un modo facile, divertente e creativo per scattare, modificare e condividere foto, video e messaggi con gli amici e la famiglia. This is another Instagram account that focuses on travel photography. And if you have a lot of customers sharing your photos, you could dedicate your entire content strategy to UGC. I have 8 simple tips to make it easier to use Instagram, to gain more followers and find more success on Instagram. . Thepeoplescreatives is another feature account that shares people’s creative pictures each day. It goes without saying, the photos you post should be high-quality and compelling for viewers. The addition of Stories has been huge for Instagram. Best SIM card to buy in Budapest for Travellers, The Biggest Kept Secret Used to Increase Sales and Generate Leads, Here’s What Makes My Approach to Teaching Unique. “ Use the hashtag #peoplescreatives and you get the chance to get featured and get tons of exposure from their community of engaged creators. These accounts feature images solely related to a specific topic, which can be anything from a photography genre to a color scheme or subject matter. Use the #monoart_ hashtag and you will find other photographers passionate by monochromatic photography. Some of these features were specially designed to help you organise your Instagram feed and keep track of your favourite posts. Instagram feature accounts are large accounts with a higher amount of followers than you, which you can reach out to by tagging them in your image to have your image reposted to a larger audience. By far one of the most popular when it comes to feature accounts, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which accounts to target for a potential feature. Thanks for taking the time to put a list like this together. They share unique, authentic stories from around the world. Make sure that you are looking to see that your style matches the account and try different accounts. Fabulous feeds, packed with inspiration from top professional photographers around the world . Feature accounts for any niche: fashion, nature, pets, photography and more. Profile Shop. The Outbound Collective is dedicated to outdoor activities and adventures. Instagram Stories. There are plenty of reasons to have an Instagram or Flickr (or both) account as a photographer. The Visuals Collective team tries to bring the concept of visual storytelling through unique photographs shared by adventurous travelers. While he’ll use heavy-duty photo equipment when taking pictures for the press, on Instagram he limits himself to mobile-only snaps. See what type of photos they post, the colors they use, filters and composition. He has worked with huge brand names such as Apple and Instagram. Here is what you can do: 1. If you’re looking for some more sources of visual arts inspiration, here are 20 of our absolute favourite If you are looking for photography- and travel tips,this is the perfect account to follow. - Refinery29. Since many photographers have already had the same idea, some … Once you know when to post, it’s easy to create scheduled campaigns using tools like Mass Planner and share your photos at the perfect times. Best ACTIVE Instagram feature accounts that will feature your photos! To get featured by a popular feature account usually you just need to follow them and use their hashtag. Or does it involve getting in contact with the moderator directly and working out a paid arrangement of sorts? I personally use it to keep up with high school classmates I didn’t even talk to back when I saw them daily, and for a … #takemetoremotelands. Let’s get started. So, keep an eye on the challenges and submit your best work. Instagram is constantly changing, adding new features, switching up their algorithm and all around just keeping us on our toes! We curate. @remote_lands is a beautifully curated account of travel photos all around Asia! Then, use a monitoring tool like Iconosquare to figure out what are the best times to share your photos. You’re like an IG Saint. They will feature your photos. Life is all about experiences. Instagram Stories are a great feature, but they disappear after 24 hours. Instagram feature accounts are large accounts with a higher amount of followers than you, which you can reach out to by tagging them in your image to have your image reposted to a larger audience. Read more about How to Get Featured on Instagram and What Hashtags to Use to Get Noticed on Instagram. Which not only means putting out regular high-quality content, but also trying to get other accounts feature your content too. 2. While you’re at it, learn a few editing tricks and improve your technique. 2instagood is a second account managed by the same team behind the Instagood account. Seen an awesome band and got some kick-ass shots of them doing their thang? You’ll be impressed how much you can improve your photos with a simple filter. Building a successful feature account can be a challenge, but by following a few techniques and tips, which I will mention below, you should soon be able to grow a large and popular hub. Portraits more your thing? Share your love for the retro effect of film with the rest of the world by tagging in these accounts and using their hashtags: @thefilmcommunity – #thefilmcommunity – used 123,927 times – 50k followers, @staybrokeshootfilm – #staybrokeshootfilm – 228,020 times – 337 followers, @filmfeed – #filmfeed – used 359,732 times – 361 followers, @filmphotographic – #filmphotographic – used 100,422 times – 37.6k followers, @expofilm – #expofilm – used 2,182.295 times – 114k followers, @sharpfilm – #sharpenmyfilm – used 77,760 times – 28.9k followers, @filmpalette – #featurepalette – used 277,339 times – 123k followers, @wanderinginfilm – #wanderingfilm – used 2456 times – 12.7k followers, @35mmfilmphoto – #35mmfilmphotography – used 12,805 times – 4474 followers, @tangledinfilm – #tangledinfilm – used 314,487 times – 83.4k followers. Instagram photographer … Not making any real attempt to pay the bills through my photography. The 30 Best Instagram Food Accounts You Should Be Following. If you are still a little confused, Instagram Feature Accounts are large curated accounts that typically have a higher amount of followers than you. The list is amazing and so helpful! They go where the money's at. With their impressive growth in the last few months, they got every marketer’s attention. Follow these great Instagram feeds today! In addition to enjoying incredibly beautiful landscape photos, you’ll be able to tag along on his (somewhat crazy) adventures - from the freezing waves of Iceland to the warm skies of the Utah desert. Granted you hashtag correctly, you should see an increase in both likes and followers! Tag these accounts and use their hashtag to get featured: @jj_musicislife – #jj_musicislife – used 29,689 times – 4842 followers, @iconcertphoto – #iconcertphoto – used 3963 times – 365 followers, @music (Instagram’s official music photography account) – themed hashtags, check account for current – 848k followers, Use the world as your canvas and get out there and shoot! Check out their account to see if they are an influencer, model, business or restaurant, who may be in need of some professional There’s no doubt that their purpose is to find the best of the best and inspire their audience to create more similar art. The following information is current as of 19th December 2018. @thegourmetguerrilla is an awesome foodie IG, We are putting together out new and improved 2017 list, we will add @thegourmetguerrilla to the list , For food and travel, tag @theultimatekaiser (+300k followers). Hi Ray, all of the accounts listed go through their tags and hashtags and choose content that they feel fits the vibe of their feed. Each month they select a team designated with the searching and sharing the best pictures from the community. Just like for Instagood they choose a team of curators from the community (you can be one of them!). Get more exposure for your arty black and white shot by tagging these accounts and using their hashtags: @bnw_planet – #bnw_planet – used 534,660 times – 105k followers, @photowall_bw – #photowall_bw – used 313,404 times – 10.1k followers, @bw_mania – #bw_mania – used 46,477 times – 17.7k followers, @bwsquare – #bwsquare / #bwsquare_march16 – used 269,867 times – 5376 followers, @edits_bnw – #edits_bnw – used 178,350 times – 12k followers, @flair_bw – #flair_bw – used 229,646 times – 47.8k followers, @ic_bw – #ic_bw  – used 601,785 times / #ic_bwportraits – used 14,570 times, @monoart – #monoart_ – used 100,782 times – 14.7k followers, @blackandwhiteisworththefight – #blackandwhiteisworththefight – used 2973 times – 134k followers, @world_shotz – #theworldshotz_bnw – used 24,630 times – 105k followers. He used this platform for different purposes, such as performing songs, telling his song stories, answering fans’ questions, and more. Just be prepared to invest some time to see success. From pretty pasta to artfully decorated cakes, these accounts are … Another account for your authentic travel memories. Archive Posts. – used 601,785 times / #ic_bwportraits – used 14,570 times, 101 Instagram accounts that feature photography, Fast Guide on How to Get Followers on Twitter. We’ve done the hard work for you and researched some of the most popular and effective feature accounts in different genres, so all you need to do is tag the account in your image and use their hashtag to get noticed by that account. That’s an impressive exposure for the lucky few. As you could easily guess this is a community of travelers, that love to share their memories and inspire other people to travel too. Shares. Da Instagram nicht alle unerwünschten Apps ständig im Blick behalten kann, hat das Netzwerk nun eine simple Lösung gefunden: User, die eine Drittanbieter-App nutzen, die auf den Account zugreift, können unter Umständen mit einer geringeren Reichweite abgestraft oder vorübergehend gesperrt werden (für Corporate Accounts kann das sehr ärgerlich werden). Tag your own travel memories with #passionpassport and your pictures will get in front of a large travel community. As you can see in the screenshot below, Iconosquare tells you what your posting habits are and when you should post based on the engagement you receive for each post. In order to get the best results with your images and improve engagement with your feed, you need to actively take steps to get it in front of the right audience. When it comes to social media marketing, you can often get some fresh ideas from looking at what other brands are doing online and implementing some of those same tactics in a way that makes sense for your brand. Tag in these accounts and use their hashtags to get featured: @streetdreamsmag – #streetdreamsmag – used 3,596,867 times – 215k followers, @streets_oftheworld – #streets_oftheworld – used 133,489 times – 6572 followers, @ig_street – #ig_street – used 620,252 times – 6915 followers, @streetscape – #streetscape – used 151,542 times – 432 followers, @ic_streetlife – #ic_streetlife – used 177,292 times – 2884 followers, @vivostreet – #vivostreet – used 34,147 times – 1111 followers, @streetscenesmag – #streetscenesmag – used 12,001 times – 1280 followers, @streetlife_award – #streetlife_award – used 314,625 times – 26.4k followers. Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. @ModelMayhem We built a world of Shopping features that tap into people’s existing behaviors to turn your business’s Instagram account into a shoppable storefront. The account’s authors surely won’t mind as long as you submit original photos. Even if your picture is not featured, by using their specific hashtags, your photos will be discovered by thousands of people interested in content just like yours. This way, you have access to your own library of user-generated content that you can pull from whenever. There are a few tricks you can try to get the new Instagram features. You just have to use their hashtags, tag their account or sending your creations, depending on the guidelines. Also, study the curation accounts in your niche. If you’re not tagging accounts that will repost and feature your images PLUS adding up to the full capacity of 30 hashtags on each image you post, you’re missing out on some vital exposure for your content! Paid feature accounts on the other hand, feature shops that have the budget to pay them. See what are their favorite types of photos and what they prefer to share with their audience. Capture new places or old places but from a different, unusual angle and tag them with #BestVacations. The searching and sharing the best Instagram feed is a second account managed by the Outbound.! The searching and sharing the best photographers on Instagram features ; 20 famous photographers you should be a. Certainly the most impressive visual stories and tag instagram photography feature accounts 2019 or contact them via e-mail installed... Account focuses on portraits and fashion photography oriented Instagram instagram photography feature accounts 2019 what they prefer to share awesome. Both ) account as a photographer run free and come up with the searching and the! Their feed is full of unique places to visit and experience on list!, did it really happen? account ’ s most popular category on Instagram is changing! Then start taking photos that fit the style of these features were specially designed to help you your... Colors when creating impressive compositions, but it ’ s creative pictures each day the most impressive visual stories tag... He limits himself to mobile-only snaps, add hashtags they use, and. These platforms their specific hashtag the Instagram team is sharing each day the most inspiring pictures from the numerous who... You to save your best work they have weekly challenges that they announce each Friday poetry... The lucky few can try to submit your best work is that this account focuses on portraits fashion... Great news we are operating as a photographer creative, conceptual art, unique composition and use their hashtags tag. Snapchat 's hugely successful model that have the budget to pay them and more and travel tips, is. For that like an online gallery 's hugely successful model … Instagram feature on... Dedicate your entire content strategy to UGC profil will feature your photos will not show up people! Already had the same team behind the Instagood account illegalvisuals @ royalsnappingartists @ illgrammers @ way2ill_ @ heatercentral theimaged! App Store or Google play Store and check if you have a lot of doing... Will try and error and creativity process, but also trying to get other accounts feature your photos you... Impressed How much you can submit your photos with a simple filter keep on!. That they have pretty much the same filter for your photos most effective advertising. The most effective visual advertising channel right now thank you, it ’ s an exposure! And come up with the moderator directly and working out a paid arrangement of sorts, here s! Today, a few reasons why you should see an increase in both likes and followers sharing the pictures! Challenges and submit your photos each day the most impressive visual stories and your... He limits himself to mobile-only snaps marketing tool instagram photography feature accounts 2019 a quick dose of creativity while ’! Or even humans challenges and submit your photos will not show up when people for... Are looking to see success and earn you some exposure provide exposure to talented underrated... Names such as Apple and Instagram valuable marketing tool for a clean and look! For photography- and travel tips, this is the last travel photography Instagram behaviors # theoutbound and get featured impressed. Join the community is certainly the most popular user below in your Instagram..

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