A chandelier is an object that tells a lot about us, but above all, it is a choice that is inextricably linked to the style that frames our home. Today, in this article, I would like to present you with some examples of chandeliers that well represent the environment around them.

We speak specifically of the bedroom and of all the styles that can be applied to this room of the house.

For it to become a warm nest where to take refuge at the end of the day, release tensions and prepare for a regenerative sleep, the bedroom must have the right lighting.

Discreet, warm, and diversified based on the activities we do.

From the general to the detail – the reading light, the make-up corner, the wardrobe area, the work station – in this article we suggest some useful ideas to illuminate your bedroom better.

What kind of lighting do we need in the bedroom? Ideally, the bedroom should first benefit from excellent natural light.

There is nothing more pleasant and refreshing than waking up softly and gradually with the first rays of sun filtering timidly from the windows to give us a good morning.

The artificial lighting system should instead be designed respecting the characteristics of privacy, rest and comfort of the bedroom and at the same time tend to enhance the environment on the one hand with a more uniform general light possible, on the other with the creation of strategic light points.

Shabby chic bedroom chandelier: crystal is always the right choice

If you love the shabby style, you can’t have a light with hanging crystals.

I’ve already talked about it: crystal chandeliers are perfect for recalling the retro lines that the “aged” style par excellence interprets.

In the bedroom, I find them particularly suitable because I believe they are excellent for refracting light.

A bright room means a room full of energy where you can recharge and rest in the best way.

This type of lighting point can be made in various colors and shades.

The ones most frequently chosen are blue or transparent.

Sometimes you also opt for the powder color, which is often chosen to decorate the bedrooms, especially in a shabby chic style.

In the example shown above, you will see how crystal chandeliers can further accentuate shabby-style furnishings.

Fabrics and wall paintings in shades of blue give elegance and romance to the whole environment.

Provencal bedroom chandelier: more miserable and cleaner lines, but still charming

Shabby style and Provencal style are often confused.

But those with sharp eyes on details know that the Provencal style is less abundant in more information and that it focuses more on the essentials.

This is why the right chandelier must have clean lines and, of course, must remain faithful to the characteristics of the rural French style.

No crystals for this chandelier with essential lines.

Chandelier for a minimalist bedroom

To create uniform illumination, the ideal solution is the suspended chandelier that allows light to expand from top to bottom.

The choice of the suspension chandelier for the bedroom will depend on the style and size of the latter.

A modern chandelier with an impressive and spectacular design will stand out as the absolute protagonist in a large and spacious bedroom.

A very modern minimal chandelier will be perfect for a small room with a stylish and essential style.

Another space-saving solution is the ceiling light, essential in bedrooms with low or sloping ceilings to respect proportions, maintain the right visual balance, and not create a suffocating atmosphere.

A similar result can be obtained with beautiful luminous veils, led light cuts or integrated spotlights for plasterboard structures.

The modern bedroom is not limited to being just the place to rest but increasingly assumes complementary functions, placing itself as a workspace, reading area, beauty corner, walk-in closet.

For each of these “moments,” it is necessary to study ad hoc lighting that can dialogue with the leading light of the bedroom.

When geometry and essentiality dominate, the chandelier must be the same.

With fewer details, more elegance is acquired, and you stay in tune with the rest of the house.

These modern chandeliers with essential lines are increasingly present on the market.

A simple thread that ends with a light bulb, usually of the most significant dimensions of the traditional ones used in standard chandeliers.

Bulbs with visible filaments or other details are also chosen.

In this case, the bulb plays the decisive role!

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