Perfect chandelier for an ethnic-style bedroom: the play of light is always fascinating

The play of light that he can draw on the walls creates a delicate and pleasant atmosphere.

As you can see, the lines and designs of the chandelier resemble those of the bed and the location in its entirety. 

The wood fits perfectly with this style that is reminiscent of the countries of North Africa and neighbors. 

Even the bedside tables and the trunk take up the mood of the chandelier, giving a perfect synergy between all the components in question.

Industrial style chandelier for the bedroom: let’s play with the imagination

The industrial style refers to airy environments and high ceilings. 

Colors are often shades of gray and dark and opaque colors are commonly used to fill very open spaces. 

I also see the tone-on-tone chandelier in this style.

More than once, I have told you and presented suspended chandeliers in this style, which refer to an industrial mood and sometimes dedicated to reusing. 

When you are about to choose the right ones, you need to keep in mind all the elements that complete the room in the house.

I refer to the walls, the materials with which the furniture is made (steel or wood), the fabrics are chosen for the bedroom, and all the home decor objects that complete it.

modern bedroom chandelier

For a sparkling and contemporary bedroom, I wish for you a double metal module, which hangs from the ceiling thanks to a long cable. 

Simple, linear, but with a touch of elaboration, in the design, which does not hurt. 

I trust that even for my bedroom, I have chosen bedside lamps from above. 

I find them beautiful and perfect to give something unique to the bedroom. See how they create decoration combined with the right paintings and the hypothetical head of the bed. 

It’s a way to personalize your double room more. 

Clear is that even the table lamps on the bedside tables are no less. 

There are some beautiful and wholly original ones on the market.

It’s up to you to choose the lines and models you prefer.

The bedside light, ideal for relaxing reading before sleeping, can take different forms. 

A very chic stylistic solution is to use modern hanging lamps, to be placed on the ceiling and to drop down to the sides of the bed, at the bedside tables. 

Even the sconces on the sides of the bed, or of the practical pincer lamps attached to the headboard, effectively combine design and functionality, leaving the bedside tables free and giving a pleasant feeling of order. 

Beyond the model, it is advisable to use a soft, soft light that does not disturb the eyes and reconcile sleep.

If there is also room for the desk in the bedroom, the ideal would be to place it close to a natural light source and then complete with a table lamp with a flexible and adjustable arm. 

Alternatively, opt for an adjustable floor lamp that will also be useful for creating an additional reading corner with a comfortable armchair.

The ideal light for the makeup station, more and more often included in the furnishing of the bedroom, is that which does not alter the colors and which allows illuminating well all the parts of the face, without creating shadows, but without even being too loud and “Inclement” with small skin imperfections.

The best lighting for the wardrobe, mainly if organized as a walk-in closet, is represented by a system of led spotlights integrated into the false ceiling.

The best way to homogeneously illuminate and allow easy access to all clothing.

If you are looking for some unique ideas to light up your bedroom, the next two suggestions will inspire you in the right way.

These are beams of light positioned diet the headboard of the bed that gives a sophisticated and distinctive look to the environment, and also, they guarantee soft lighting and a great atmosphere.

A more lively and creative solution is instead to create niches in plasterboard behind and to the sides of the bed to host integrated lights and spotlights, or even to position small designer lampshades.

There will also be books and other decorative objects that help to furnish the bedroom. 

For an even more original effect, the luminous niches can be painted in the guide color of the bedroom, creating a nice contrast with the white of the wall.

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