Chandeliers for the bedroom: all the trends of 2019

The ceilings of the house then return to be decorated with chandeliers with rounded shapes, rethought in a modern key thanks to opaque diffusers and low-consumption LED bulbs.

There is no lack of chandeliers for the bedroom of the impact that does not go unnoticed and enhances the geometries and the creative combination of forms.

For 2019, go ahead for precious glasses, but also for wood and metal, with particular attention to details such as suspension cables.

These are covered with new materials and colors, acquire a personality, and become the beating heart of the chandelier design.

Based on the colors, shapes, and dimensions, today the “important” chandeliers are designed to dress any room in the home.

From the most intimate places like the bedroom and the bathroom to more pleasant settings like the dining room.

They can create exciting plays of light even in a minimal living, to which they would give a touch of vivacity and dynamism.

It is no coincidence that the most popular lighting systems for the bedroom and other rooms in the house are those based on LED and smart technology this year.

The low consumption combined with minimal and contemporary lines, make the LED chandeliers with white lights perfect for the bedroom.

The LED strips are also functional to illuminate the wardrobe area.

They represent a refined stylistic choice if applied behind the headboard or bedside tables, for a suffused result of great charm.

In particular, to illuminate the sleeping area, the 2019 trends also point to LED recessed spotlights.

It is known that to sleep and rests well, but also just to read in bed and relax before slipping into a deep sleep, you need the right lights.

In this sense, the recessed spotlight is perfect for the sleeping area because it manages to create particularly soft and suffused effects, with the possibility of gradually adjusting the intensity of the lights. Warm, elegant, and restful white lights are high for the bedroom.

And the nuances of the chandeliers for the bedroom?

Among the most appreciated for interior lighting this year, we find a “surprising” shade like orange. It is a color with a cheerful and robust character, but can also be used in softer tones.

From apricot to orange-pink, from terracotta to amber.

The orange also lives very well as a secondary color, in contrast to cold and “dull” shades like chalk or lead. In this way, without giving up a warm and bright color shade, you will be able to create an enveloping atmosphere and a measured design in the bedroom.

The gilded details were also trendy in 2019, capable of giving a touch of elegance and refinement, designed to emphasize light, heat and create welcoming and intimate atmospheres in the bedroom.

What do you think friends about?

Do you also believe that the chandelier should be chosen in the image and likeness of the style of the environment that surrounds it? Which of my choices did you enjoy the most?

Write to me what you think. I look forward to the next article!

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