Choosing a library for children, or any piece of furniture for an environment where children live and interact, is never easy.

The variables that relate to taste, design refinement, and design do not play a leading role, but natural materials, safety, and usability within reach of small and beautiful hands reign supreme.

Last but not least, the bookcase is fundamental for another critical reason: it is an accomplice to the construction, together with other factors, of the development of the relationship that the little ones establish with the world of reading.

For this reason, we have decided to bring to your attention to some considerations regarding this piece of furniture.

These are essential reflections that we hope will help you and guide you in your personal choice.

Children’s bookcases: the Montessori principle is fundamental here too

As I imagine you know, especially if you are a parent, the Montessori policy for the furnishing of environments where children act, concerns the complete autonomy of their actions.

It is therefore indicated, to follow this philosophy, a low bed at floor level to allow the child to climb up and down alone. The same principle fits the library. The child should be able to take and manipulate the books in complete ease.

This is why younger children should have everything at their height and books with front-facing covers.

They do not yet know how to read, and the images are the only source of reference to choose the book and browse it with pleasure.

The dimension of play also in the children’s library

To develop a good relationship between children and their future passion for reading, “game” libraries have been developed that I find very interesting.

I believe that Fox, for example, a cart painted with non-toxic paints that have the semblance of a fox, is a perfect vehicle for this purpose. Taking your favorite books around the house has never been so much fun.

Rounded shapes and non-toxic materials: safety first of all in children’s bookshops

Indeed cultivating ethical foundations for reading is one of the aspects to watch out for when choosing a bookcase for the bedroom. However, the security aspect must go hand in hand.

Non-toxic paints, water fixatives and of course construction materials that are harmless for our children are a must.

Design processing must also include rounded details, strength, and heaviness calibrated so as not to overturn it despite beautiful, lively play sessions.

In short, it must be a nice mix of usability for children, design ingenuity, and (why not?) Visual pleasure!

For older children, a little more elegant solutions can be adopted, more devoted to designing that are actual pieces of furniture at a certain level.

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