Among the trends in the bathroom furnishing and upholstery sector, references to natural materials are not lacking.

These recall the raw materials of the earth and create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the bathroom.

These help to reclaim a precious commodity like the weather and inviting us to rely on the fundamental values ​​of life.

With these premises, it is clear that primordial subjects such as wood and stone will never go out of style.

Playing with different finishes, colors, and thicknesses, these materials succeed as few and give the salle de bain an enveloping sense of comfort and warmth.

Wood-effect bathroom wall tiles

Coat the walls and floors of the bathroom with wood or porcelain stoneware with wood effect means getting even closer to the concept of relaxation and well-being typical of spas and massage centers, places where wood has a leading role.

The wooden cladding can give the perception of having a relaxing private SPA at home, where you can indulge in a hot bath or a regenerating shower at the end of a hectic and stressful day.

We are now far from the idea that wooden bathroom coatings are a risky choice for the bathroom.

It is enough to move towards the most resistant types of wood.

I refer to the cedar and the carob tree and make sure they are treated with specific insulating treatments or with natural protective oils that make it lasting in damp environments such as the bathroom.

Via free therefore to wooden floors or laminate, of bright shades and vibrant, paneled walls in natural wood treated and combined with the use of suggestive beams.

These add a rustic note to the environment such as walls and floor entirely covered with laminated wood for an immediate feeling of order and cleanliness.

Fascinating solutions in which wood is also used for covering the structure of the bathtub, recessed and framed by a splendid support base.

Wood has the particularity of keeping its charm unaltered, indeed of further enhancing it, in combination with almost all other materials.

Combined with ceramic tiles and clean white, it enhances the elegance and brightness of the style while giving a varied and dynamic texture.

The wooden coverings, so warm and enveloping, are also perfectly matched with the coldest and roughest materials such as concrete, stone, and exposed bricks.

In this case, the warmth of wood has the purpose of tempering the coldness and giving the environment the right balance between composition and material.

Clearly, without giving up the originality of a courageous and unconventional choice.

Design bathroom coatings: the bathroom area becomes a Spa

The perception of the bathroom as a wellness center is even more vivid if the wood is also used to cover the walls of the shower.

Of course, take into account that wooden bathroom coverings are always treated with specific techniques to resist humidity and heat.

They can last over time without losing their original beauty and brightness.

In SPA key also the choice to cover the bathroom walls with a mix of wood with a natural finish and Nordic blue ceramic tiles.

Better if in the format maxi square slabs of reduced thickness and almost invisible joints.

Another trend this year is the return (directly from the ’70s) of ceramics with various interpretations and “saucy.”

In trendy bathrooms, bathroom coatings with hexagonal ceramic tiles appear.

The formats on the market are small (20 × 20 cm) and with deliberately visible (and raised) joints.

These create a vintage-inspired color contrast.

They give life to dynamic tile compositions of different shapes and sizes, and tiles with decorations from past eras revisited and punctuated with modern details.

And the colors of the ceramic bathroom coatings?

They range from the classic white, which is exalted above all in retro revisitation and vintage formats, to pastel colors in the typical shades linked to the element of water ( blue and green in all the nuances of the case).

Do not miss the navy blue and deep blue which, as we have seen, are nuances that elegantly match the brightness of natural wood, giving life to a Scandinavian-inspired environment.

And then an exciting new entry: the bathroom cover turns pink.

Declined above all in the softer shades – pastel, antique, incarnate – the pink gives the bathroom a distinct personality-oriented towards a sober and softened style.

Now far from the exclusivity of the feminine world, pink is increasingly becoming an alternative to the full colors.

There is still a niche choice for ceramic bathroom wall tiles.

However, when combined with tiles of contemporary design and combined with colder shades such as dark gray, dove gray or even black (for those who feel like it), the pink gives the bathroom a striking imprint of elegance and topicality.

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