Dressings: living room or closet?

For the occasion, our team has concocted a compilation of deco ideas for your walk-in closets – so let’s go!

Place of essential storage, the fantasy of “fashionistas” (but not that), the temple of all hesitations in the morning, the dressing has become one of the essential elements of our home. The goal of a dressing room is to be in your image. Hence the expression, “Show me your closet, I’ll tell you who you are”. So, a place to live or a simple closet? There is something for everyone!

The fitted dressing room

An area of ​​only four m² is enough to create the perfect dressing in your place. The configuration of the dressing depends on the location (location of radiators and windows, in particular): rectangular with shelves positioned in U or L or in length corridor way with two walls of storage facing each other.

The “dressing room.”

Some lucky people can devote to their clothes a room large enough to circulate comfortably. We are talking about a “dressing room” American style, thought of as a fitting room. Bench, dressing table, cabinet showcase for jewelry … It can even install motion sensors to trigger the light that wisely. For this type of development, it will be necessary to bring you a budget a little more consequent!

The dressing in kit

If you do not want to devote an entire room, you can also go on a dressing kit or already preconceived. These walk-in closets are known to be very practical and easy to install. The dimensions are rather standard, but they are still adaptable to a surface available in your space. After installation, all you need to do is to decorate your dressing room to show off all your most beautiful pieces.

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