Focus kids: the trend of tipis

No longer present, star children’s rooms, the teepee is the deco trend must-have and especially the one that pleases children and parents.

Tipis are a hidden place from the rest of the world, and this trend has been developing at a fast pace for some time now. They come in many ways: colors, patterns, or ideas of various arrangements. As a space out of time, the tipi is a quiet corner to relax: ideal for introducing children to reading.

The tipi is friendly and warm; the child can develop it to his taste. He can add multicolored garlands, ribbons, wooden beads, or even accessories that he has built himself.

For a guaranteed atmosphere, opt for a bohemian spirit by finding the Indian origins of the teepee, hang a dream catcher, an embroidered veil on top of the tent, add ottomans ethnic motifs.

In a completely different atmosphere, bet on a Scandinavian tipi for a warm and enveloping atmosphere, with light colors on the outside and contrast on the inside.

We love this trend that has become an essential element of the decoration of the children’s room. You can even find an original alternative by buying a beautiful sky bed that you can turn into a tent.

For more comfort, do not hesitate to install about or a thick plaid on the ground so that children do not have knee pain

The trick also? By placing cushions on the floor and associating different geometric shapes with pastel shades, we obtain a soothing decoration for children! Play on the materials, superimpose large mattresses on the ground to play on colors and patterns and do not hesitate to install a ball pool!

We have also made a small selection of some of our favorites, and we are entirely a fan of this trend And you?

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