Focus on: the glass trend

However, here we are interested in the trend of interior windows! Indeed, in recent times, the glass roof is THE decorative touch acclaimed in interior design. She has become a real fashion phenomenon, and our team is ultimately a fan of it!

What types of canopy exist?

Serving to separate two spaces or even to create additional rooms, there are different types of canopies available on the market. Indeed, you can find in different materials: steel, aluminum or wood. They also come in a variety of colors and can be of any size. In the kit, custom-made or standard dimensions, with or without base, there is something for everyone! They can act as a fixed partition, but there are in particular sliding models, removable or can open like doors. Whatever your choice, you will not be disappointed because a glass roof will give a real character to your interior!

The benefits of an interior canopy

More than just a decorative element, the canopy has many advantages. One of its main advantages is the diffusion of light. It comes to delimit the different parts without obscuring them. It brings brightness in your spaces, even in your most isolated rooms! Rather than a wall and if you can, our team strongly recommends you to opt for a glass roof, the ideal alternative to separate your rooms without breaking their surface.

Our advice to adopt it in your spaces

The canopies can be used to separate specific areas, to delimit them originally or to create new ones. Want a workspace at home? In a large room, a glass roof allows dividing the space and creating an office without feeling cramped. Do you dream of living like in a hotel? Install a canopy between your bedroom and the bathroom, and you get a master suite. Place between a living room and a kitchen, the canopy will also allow you to always keep an eye on what is happening next while simmering your little dishes!

Advice: To create an industrial atmosphere for your interior, combine your canopy with a brick or concrete wall. For a warmer space, match it to mismatched and colorful furniture!

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