It is the right time to plan how to renovate the garden: buy the chainsaw protection chaps, during these gray days, you can take time to find the right idea. Then, as soon as the sun peeks in, you will have everything well planned to achieve it. Also, for this reason, today on my furniture and interior design blog, I talk about pallets and how to use them for this purpose.

The furniture with benches in the garden is a prominent trend for those who love to try the “do it yourself.” It is storage materials readily available, resistant, well-balanced in their entirety. Furthermore, it is an extremely customizable raw material, a feature that literally makes DIY enthusiasts go crazy. But what I believe is the most important strength of this material and the ease with which it can be interpreted. Even if you are not an expert, you will be able to turn your pallets into something functional and pleasant that will enrich the decor of your garden.

In this regard, below, you will find some generic ideas, which you can customize in mill ways. Colors, shapes, and interpretations are entrusted to your imagination. But to stimulate your creativity here are some examples made with simple wooden material for storage.

Rocking as garden furniture with pallets

Here is something simple and easy to do. An idea was particularly suited to those who engage with the DIY (do it yourself, do it yourself ) for the first time.

Apart from the system for hanging the rocking chair, this piece of furniture for the garden is an assembly of various seat-cut pallets with the provision of cushions to measure.

Garden furniture with benches: they can also become an entire living room

Is it possible to create a real living room with benches? Sure! Playing with cushions and colors, you can create furnishing elements that work and give an original touch to our outdoor spaces.

Chaise long and original seats: this is also garden furniture with pallets!

As I said at the beginning of the article, it can be widely spaced with volumes and colors, to reach surprising results also for armchairs, chairs, and chaise longe where to relax and lie down.

Tables and chairs to decorating the garden

Can tables and chairs be set up with pallets? Well, looking at the image below, surely yes!

Friends, think about what can be used to enrich your garden. With a little patience, you will be able to create small oases of creative beauty in your green corner.

What inspired you the most? What will you do first?

Good design … and good work!

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