Home staging, first lever of real estate sales

For those who have missed out on this trend, here’s a little reminder: this is a concept born in the United States in the 1970s and has since crossed the Atlantic. It consists of highlighting the interior spaces of a property intended for sale or rental to make it as neutral as possible and relegate any weak points to the background.

During a visit, it is indeed essential that the potential buyer can feel at home. With a neutral decoration and a well-appointed and revamped interior, the majority of visitors will be able to project themselves.

Interior decoration and real estate sales have been flourishing for some years now. This shows the growing interest of the general public in this area. They have all the more a wise look on the subject, so do not hesitate to put you there!

For this type of project, we recommend that you seek the advice of professionals to assist you. Our team offers a complete “Home Staging” service to bring a new touch to your home and enhance its assets for a minimum investment. In any case, be aware that Home Staging should not exceed 2.5 to 3% of the sales price for a good return on investment.

We hope you enjoyed the article of the day and we’ll see you again soon for other design and decoration topics!

To begin, storage is required: exit all those little trinkets that are important to you, the tables a little too “kitsch” offered by your grandmother or the objects that hang on your shelves. It’s for a good cause. Indeed, the buyer decides in the first 90 seconds of the visit. So put the odds on your side to trigger the crush of your future buyer.

A touch of paint, storage, some decorative elements to give “peps” to different living spaces and your property is ready for visits! All these gestures will undoubtedly accelerate your real estate sale while maintaining your starting sales rate!

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