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Today we take a trip to the mountains, in Val Gardena, close to the beauty of the Dolomites, where the air is pure and fragrant. Here hotellerie and similar worlds go hand in hand with respect for nature and the environment.

Today, in the design hotel category, we speak specifically of the Hotel Cavallino Bianco, which is located in Ortisei, in the heart of the mountainous dolomite paradise protected by the UNESCO mark and declared a World Heritage Site.

But it is not of their famous welcome, made to make every member of the family feel at home. I want to write. My eye focused on the style of the rooms and on some features that I found elegant and refined. I am now trying to list them and explain to you why I thought of giving them a few lines.

The rooms of the hotel Cavallino Bianco in Val Gardena

A clarification is necessary: ​​it is not the largest and most luxurious rooms I will talk about. It is, in fact, the smart suits, or the prestige suites, or queen. I will tell you something specific about the rooms that do not represent the top of the proposed hotel offer.

The lean and clean style of these rooms I really enjoyed it, and later try to list their strengths.

The delicate tactile consistencies in the white Cavallino hotel rooms

In these rooms, whether it’s the prestige or smart rooms or even the white Cavallino suite itself, I particularly love the tactile sensations. The soft headboard of the bed, the quilted effect of ottoman and seats, together with the fabrics applied to the wall infuse the atmosphere with a “soft” effect that begins to pamper the guest just by looking at or touching the furniture of which it is composed.

The quality of the textiles: an important feature of the Cavallino white hotel rooms

The quality textile confers a significant percentage of the host’s liking: sheets, duvets pillows, and mattresses, all strictly white and natural material, give a nice look to the room, even if it is not the most expensive.

Wood as an important style element in the hotel rooms

I really like the color of the wood used to furnish these rooms. It is pleasant to look at and very suitable for expressing the identity of a hotel in the mountains. The solutions adopted for cots and cribs are proposed in this material in many types of rooms, and I must say that they are, in my opinion, very elegant and at the same time practical.

The white-wood bichromism is a common stylistic thread that is also used in the bathrooms.

White, opaque, and very elegant is the design of the sconces and in general of all the lighting with a slightly cold light, perfect to highlight the characteristics of the rooms I have listed above.

In short, it is no secret that I really like white in all its versions! And to you?

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