How to adopt the retro style in your interior?

Use used furniture

The first technique, which is the simplest and the least expensive is to find strongholds in empty-attics, flea markets, or flea markets! You can also easily stagger decorative objects that will give more personality to your interior! An old XXL frame, cannulated sun mirrors or Jeanne-Jeanne vases. It takes little to provide a vintage style to a room!

Advice: choose masterpieces that are usually expensive in-store (tables, wood furniture) and give them a little bit of clean or leave them in their juice for more authenticity!


The trend of the moment to adopt is the mix-and-match: this technique is to combine current and trendy furniture with old and colorful pieces for an original and quirky interior but modern! Styles, materials, colors, prints, and shapes blend for a cutting-edge interior.

We at Cosee love wood, which can adapt to all kinds of accessories and materials, which contrast the appearance of this raw material. You can, for example, have glassware on your beautiful natural wood table, and even a bouquet of dried flowers in a pretty mustard vase.

To reveal strong furniture

To give a vintage look to your interior, you do not have to make tons! You have to find a beautiful, sturdy piece to set the tone in the whole room!

Bet on a beautiful farm table, an old workbench or rattan armchair for immediate effect. Choose also intense and mature colors, but trendy like mustard yellow, terra-cotta or old-rose! Go hunt, have an eye, and locate pieces that could fit in your interior. Choose rather sober pieces in raw materials.

Mix several styles of chairs/dishes

The trend we love is to mix several styles of chairs around the same table! Unstructured effect guaranteed! Treat yourself by combining shapes, materials, sizes, add different cushions, etc.

You can, in the same spirit, mix your dishes! Choose plates and mismatched glasses to give an original touch. A helpful little tip: mismatch your mugs and bowls to energize your breakfasts in a trendy atmosphere!

Advice: bet on decorative filament bulbs. They will give a real touch of originality to your interior! A real must-have that will provide a room a boost and bring a final bit. Thanks to her, the bulb has become a practical decorative element. It returns a diffused yellow light, creating a cocooning and warm atmosphere.

Tip # 1: You can combine different shapes and sizes of filament bulbs to add cachet to your lighting.

Tip # 2: Hang the lamps in batch to create this particular stylized side!

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