How to choose the right toilet

The choice of toilet materials

Although some have tried to make resin or glass WCs and there are steel sanitary ware for special uses (hospital or prison), the most widely used material is porcelain. The quality of the ceramic (resistance, brightness, cleanability) varies from company to company and it is advisable to check what are the technical characteristics of the toilet before proceeding with the purchase. You can look for bidet toilet reviews, if you want to check more specific goods.

Some brands guarantee their sanitaryware a much easier surface to clean than others: Villeroy & Boch, for example, thanks to its Ceramic Plus project, produces its sanitaryware with a glaze capable of repelling both bacteria and limescale, thus allowing perfect hygiene without the use of aggressive detergents and, above all, in half the time.

Other brands such as Ideal standard, are so convinced of the quality of their products to bet on a warranty of one hundred years.

Suspended or floor-standing toilet?

The choice in this case is mainly aesthetic. If you choose the wall-hung toilet, it is necessary to mount the flush-mounted cistern in the partition with the appropriate brackets for the sanitary. The advantages of this solution are: easier cleaning of the floor and considerable water savings, due to the fact that a wall-hung cistern usually uses half the water needed for a floor-standing toilet.

If you opt for a sanitary on the floor, consider whether to take it normal or flush with the wall, the latter are considered much more current and aesthetically elegant. In the case of a smaller bathroom, you can choose a sanitary ware shorter than normal (from 44 to 48 cm).

With closed or without brim

By brida we mean the edge of the toilet. The traditional ones have a closed edge and the water comes out from a series of little holes aligned along it. Today the most innovative companies have introduced in the market of sanitary ware without bridging, whose rinsing is much more effective and can reach even the most hidden points of the toilet, unreachable with traditional systems. The only drawback of this system is that sometimes it forces users to put a pressure reducer because the jet is so strong that it projects itself beyond the toilet. The Ideal standard, with the new aquablade project, has solved the problem by designing a system with a thin channel very close to the edge to ensure 100% cleanliness of the surface while avoiding the overlap.

Attention to details

One thing to keep in mind when evaluating the toilet is the fixing, which can be visible (perhaps covered by a screw cover) or hidden.

Even at the level of seats, the novelties of recent years are often surprising, to the old thermoformed seat with chipboard or mdf core, more and more often companies prefer the new concept seats in polypropylene, ultra thin (slim) and even with the slow closing.

And if the system is old?

Some suppliers have also thought about who needs to replace old sanitary ware without modifying the whole system. These sanitary fixtures are equipped with technical curves adjustable from a minimum of 6 cm up to 20 cm, such as to fill the distance from the wall of any type of drain.

In short, as you can understand, the choice of a toilet is not as trivial as you might have thought and there are so many things to pay attention to.

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