Even before being a warm and intimate environment in which the family finds itself and shares a thousand opportunities for everyday life, the kitchen is above all an operational area, a workplace subjected to many stresses.

Here the fumes of the cooking of food are nested, steam and humidity are generated, and the risks of stains, abrasions, cuts and various damages are the order of the day!

In the preparation of food, we inevitably end up dirtying the wall and the work surface.

And on the latter we work with various tools and appliances, we support hot foods and liquids.

It goes without saying that the most suitable coverings for the kitchen are those that combine aesthetic beauty, trends, and design.

They are made of waterproof and breathable materials, easy to clean and resistant to very energetic daily use.

Why choose marble kitchen coverings

Back in vogue after a period of decline, today marble is one of the most used materials in interior design projects for wall coverings. With its timeless elegance, marble gives the environment a solid and reassuring appearance.

Other advantages?

It is natural and completely ecological, therefore perfect for covering environments such as bathrooms and kitchens where it is essential to use materials free of toxic agents.

Moreover, thanks to its natural shine, the white marble cladding is perfect for illuminating and visually enlarging a poorly lit and/or small kitchen.

There are also many shades of color and customizations.

Depending on the style you want to create, you will be able to choose a white, gray, pink marble for the covering of the kitchen wall, or in more decisive shades like red, black or yellow.

What is essential is to maintain the beauty of the grain and the exclusivity of a coating in which the stone blocks, each one different from the other, give a fascinating natural effect.

Versatile and functional, marble is even more “powerful” when combined with other materials. You can opt for wood and resin to create a fascinating contrast of heat and austerity or steel and cement for an elegant and sophisticated combination and to reinforce the innovative mood of a modern and technological or industrial style kitchen.

Kitchen coatings: cascade top space and vertical splashback

“Cascade” coatings are very fashionable, in which the material of the top of the peninsula or the kitchen island is covered with the same material as the sides of the structure, creating a clean and minimal look.

The “waterfall” coverings for island and peninsula can:

  • resume the style and material of the wall composition
  • to distance itself so as to create a monolithic and statuary block of its own (above all in marble or quartz) capable of making the environment more personal.

For an evergreen look, the kitchen worktop can be covered in concrete.

It is a natural material that adapts to both modern and contemporary environments.

It is perfect for more classic kitchens where the minimalist approach to cement that can create a striking contrast with white or light wood furniture.

Do you want to cover the kitchen wall with a surprising material?

The metal is what’s right for you

In the basic version, it gives the kitchen a gritty polished and “heavy-metal” effect, while for a “rusty” look it covers an industrial-chic kitchen in lived wood with “corten” effect metal.

To continue on the mood of unconventional choices, you could opt for a paraschizzi that comes out of the usual patterns.

No more a horizontal band running across the top, but a single large slab in stoneware or resin with an original vertical design, to protect the cooking area.

A versatile and aesthetically elegant solution, but also practical in daily cleaning thanks to the absence of leaks.

Coverings for your kitchen in glass

The glass kitchen wall tiles seem a contradiction: how can a material so fragile and delicate adapt to the hectic life of a kitchen?

Yet glass has been able to carve out an important place in the kitchen coatings sector.

It has a strong versatility of use.

It has original stylistic effects that it manages to create and holds increasingly sophisticated processes that have made it suitable for covering the walls of the kitchen without any particular problems.

The material used, tempered glass and laminated glass, is durable, modern, and easy to maintain.

The mirrored glass, used as the back wall of the kitchen, enhances and multiplies the brightness of the environment giving the suggestive impression of space without borders. Another possibility is to use repainted glass, choosing from a wide range of colors those most suitable to create the desired style.

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