Even today, on my Fillyourhomewithlove furniture and interior design blog, I have chosen a topic that can help you and guide you in your furnishing choices.

Today we talk about kitchen tiles. I often talk about this environment that is the heart of the house: where we eat, where we meet, where we communicate more than other areas.

The kitchen represents the heart of the home and the center of family life.

It is here that one finds oneself for cooking, eating, telling one’s day or simply sipping a coffee before running away to work.

An intimate and convivial place together, the kitchen must be on the one hand a welcoming refuge and on the other, the synthesis of its own personality, to be treated with taste, style details, and overall harmony.

This is why it is so important to personalize it according to one’s tastes and habits. The advice is to create a composition that adapts to our rhythms, which gives us practicality and comfort in everyday use, but also unique in design, colors, and visual impact.

In this perspective, it is important to consciously choose not only the model and style of the kitchen (if classic, modern, vintage, industrial, etc.) but also the wall covering.

Alone, it can significantly affect the overall aesthetics of the composition and orient the style in completely surprising ways.

This is even truer if we think that to give a new face to the kitchen (without changing the kitchen!) Sometimes it is enough to change the tiles that cover the background simply.

With a new “set,” the kitchen will immediately take on a new look!

Kitchen tiles: design and comfort in the kitchen

Kitchen tiles have an important practical task. They mainly act as splash guards and protect the vertical surface near the stove with a washable and comfortable layer to be managed in an environment where it is easy to dirty.

We, therefore, know very well that:

  • they must be unalterable;
  • easy to clean;
  • high temperature resistant.

But this does not mean that they must also be beautiful!

This is why I thought of a series of original ideas to make your kitchen the true queen of the house.

The choice of tiles for the kitchen, both in the design and renovation phases, therefore requires careful evaluation in terms of aesthetics, quality, and practicality.

Original kitchen tiles: play with colors never seen before!

Colors, choose them funny, unusual, unusual.

Let the kitchen be remembered and admired for its colors. I found this shiny black note very beautiful.

When the material is of quality and is aesthetically remarkable, color is a personal note to be expressed to its full potential.

But how can we choose the best tiles for our kitchen among the countless possibilities offered by the market?

The first consideration to make concerns about the material.

Based on the specific characteristics of each one, it will require a different level of care in cleaning and maintenance.

In general, porous materials tend to absorb dirt more and therefore be less practical from this point of view than a “smoother” surface that is cleaned in a moment.

In the same way, there are precious and delicate materials, more beautiful to look at but more challenging to manage.

The choice will depend once again on the synthesis between personal taste, habits, and degree of use of the kitchen environment understood as the time we spend there and the use we make of it.

That is to say, if cooking is your passion and you spend most of your time preparing dishes for the family, perhaps it is better to focus on coatings that are first and foremost practical and resistant, such as the very common ceramic tiles.

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