Unusual kitchen tiles: assembly gives good movement

An oblique pose is enough to characterize the environment and is really interesting.

Practices in ordinary cleaning (dirt has no easy setting), ceramic tiles are easy to install and easily assembled and combined.

The variety of styles, colors, and sizes on the market is remarkable.

They range from classic square or rectangular shapes to vintage-effect tiles, through mosaic strips ready to be laid and maxi tiles.

These are better suited to modern environments and large, spacious kitchens.

Porcelain stoneware tiles are also practical and easy to clean.

They are available natural or glazed and suitable for any style of kitchen, while terracotta tiles, characterized by a porous consistency and a reddish color.

These lend themselves very well to covering the walls of masonry and rustic-style kitchens.

Very porous, and therefore more difficult to manage, are the marble tiles, although elegant and stylistically refined.

Choose original shapes for kitchen tiles: freshness is assured

Nowadays, the quality products on the market are innumerable and at the same time, offer an incredible range of non-canonical shapes and colors. A crushed hexagon, for example, despite being a very clean shape, is a beautiful alternative to the classic square, rectangle, or regular hexagon. The latter is, in fact, more viewed and more used.

Steel tiles are of contemporary and decidedly hi-tech taste.

They are very resistant to chemicals and impacts.

Perfect for covering modern and minimalist kitchens, or, combined with glass, iron or marble, to perfect an industrial style with a strong and “masculine” character.

As for the style of kitchen tiles, a general rule is to respect the harmony of the kitchen furnishings and the predominant atmosphere of the environment as much as possible.

The atmosphere must be relaxing, warm, energetic, rational, practical, and creative.

If there are the margins to dare, feel free to choose a particular coverage for shape, graphics, or color combinations!

If the composition is simple and straightforward in design and color, a total white bright modern or strictly black & white, the kitchen tiles can become a way to break the monotony and give that extra touch of style and personality.

You could opt for blue and black ceramic tiles, choosing to design both a vintage-inspired composition and more rational and geometric patterns.

Or you could choose some very stylish cement tiles that, depending on the size and the various combinations of shapes and colors, can create a minimal chic effect or a delicious vintage flavor.

Positioning with random colors: still a good idea for unconventional kitchen tiles!

A few flashes of color here and there. One colored tile and another not. In the end, the vertical surface of the kitchen can be considered as an artist’s canvas.

I really like this idea. And the imaginative layout of the tiles, without an apparent precise rule, is a lot of fun.

Kitchen tiles different from one another: a collage that works

For a slightly retro style, with a shabby or Proven├žal trend, it is a perfect solution: the collage of tiles for kitchen with geometric motifs lends itself perfectly to give character to the kitchen area.

The effect is delicate, but also rich in identity. I really like this type of cladding alternating with wall units and appliances built into solid neutral furniture.

Friends, tell me: what coating did you use for your kitchen? Did you let yourself go to original and unexpected solutions?

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