LIVING CORAL, the star color 2019

Between orange and pink, this radiant and warm hue guarantees freshness and modernity to your living or working spaces. In this article, our team unveils a little more about this refreshing color and how to adopt it in your interiors or exteriors.

Living Coral, elected color of the year by Pantone

At the end of each year, the world of fashion, decoration, and design is eagerly awaiting the announcement of the color of the year by Pantone Color Institute. Indeed, Pantone, a specialist in the definition of color trends, selects each year the hue that they think reflects popularity, a general state of mind and reflects the attitude of consumers.

To choose the color of the year, the Pantone Institute actively seeks color trends that have an active link with our lifestyles and selects the nuances that seem to be required in all areas of creation (e.g., entertainment, movies, travel, design, fashion, decoration, social networks).

This year, it is the Living Coral that succeeds the Ultra Violet, the color of the year 2018. For what reasons? According to Laurie Pressman, Vice President of Pantone:

” With all that is happening today, we have sought a color that communicates humanity, in response to the dehumanization of this digital age. This color brings comfort and well-being.

Note also that this color represents an element more than essential to our marine ecosystem, in danger today: the coral. Laurie Pressman will highlight this important point by stating:

” This color has come to us at such a delicate time for the environment. Climate change is bleaching the coral reefs by erasing their rainbows .”

How to integrate Living Coral and associate it with other colors?

To facilitate the use of coral in our daily life, Pantone has thought of everything and has concocted several color palettes. We present you three below:

Shimmering Sunset or Twinkling Sunset

This palette is brilliant and daring, evoking the sparkling colors of a sunset or a sunrise. Here, the Living Coral aims to brighten and transmit a feeling of warmth.


Here is another color combination that pays tribute to the different shades of skin from around the world and to the nuances we use to improve our skin tone every day. A beautiful range of soft and warm colors, filled with humanity!

Under the Sea or the Sea

Finally, this last color palette Under the Sea plunges us directly into the deep sea. Living Coral evokes the warmth of coral reefs, comfort, and positivity.

How to adopt the Living Coral in your decor?

Do you like Living Coral a lot and want to adopt it in your living or working spaces? Go for it! In any room in your home, apartment, or business, this warm, definite hue will brighten up your area and give you a warm, comforting aura.

To adopt this trendy color in your decoration, you can use it by small keys by strewing your spaces with coral decorative objects such as, on textiles (carpets, cushions, bed linen, curtains …) or the furniture (sofa, chair, table, lamp). You will add a touch of bright and lively color to your interiors for a more solar and relaxed atmosphere.

If you want to go even further and give a more central place to the Living Coral, do not hesitate to paint a piece of wall, for example, to illuminate your rooms, strengthen this positive aura and bring a nice dose of vitamins to your decor!

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