Modern floors: micro cement and Tadelakt space

Choosing the right level for your home is not at all easy.

In the decision-making phase, it is necessary to take into account many factors, both technical and aesthetic.

Here are some tips to help you make the best choice.

I will present two types of materials suitable for creating modern floors that are perfect for homes:

  1. Modern rugs made of micro cement
  2. Modern Tadelakt floors

1. Modern micro cement floors

To obtain a continuous surface with a modern and energetic look, the ideal solution is the micro cement finishing.

The main feature of the modern micro cement floor is its versatility.

Born as an ideal coating for modern and contemporary environments, but can also dictate the style in different directions, first of all, the dusty and underground atmosphere of industrial-style lofts.

Versatility is also found in the different stylistic solutions that it supports: micro-cement to make staircases, bathroom walls, kitchen tops, and splash-proof walls.

The micro cement floor is an excellent example of an eco-sustainable building because it renews without demolishing.

Its reduced thickness (just 2 mm) and the ability to adhere to different materials make it suitable for covering old floors.

In this way, a trendy restyling is achieved in a practical and fast way.

Furthermore, it is so thin that it does not hinder the functionality of existing doors and windows.

The micro cement coating has the advantage of combining ease of installation, high resistance to impact and abrasion, ease of cleaning thanks to the absence of leaks and impermeability with the aesthetics and appeal of concrete in a natural finish, capable of giving life to environments modern trends and with a strong personality.

2. Modern Tadelakt floors

What is Tadelakt?

At the base of the Tadelakt, there is a lime unique in the world.

The lime of Marrakech is achieved by working and sifting finely particular limestone found only in the Moroccan city.

Mixing the lime with pure water produces a delicate and precious material which, in the traditional way described, is used almost exclusively for bathroom coverings, given its high water resistance.

Reinterpreted in a modern key, through specific treatments that make it more resistant and versatile, today Tadelakt is used to cover the floors of any room in the home.

It represents an innovative choice of high technical/aesthetic value to create a modern and trendy look, keeping the charm of tradition and the timeless appearance of the original Tadelakt intact.

The floors covered in modern Tadelakt, homogeneous and without joints, are ideal solutions for those looking for a light and essential aesthetic (3 mm thick).

It is also convenient in terms of ease of cleaning and resistance.

They do not fear yellowing, bubbles, and imperfections caused by wear.

Furthermore, it is an entirely ecological floor, treated without solvents, harmful substances, and epoxy resins.

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