Movable trends identified at Maison and Objet 2019

We wanted to share with you the deco and design trends for this year 2019 in terms of furniture. Here is a small summary to bring you some inspiration

The rough wooden furniture gives way to more sophisticated finishes.

The furniture is more impressive, we finally return to basic (the bed, the table, the sofa) but we give more importance, and we seek more qualitative finishes. The “bourgeois family” style inspires the trends, and there is a return of old and robust pieces: the pedestal table, the dressing table, the ottoman, etc. The furniture is jewelry and luxurious. Among the symbolic furniture of this season:

The monobloc sofa

A cushions-free sofa with comfort, with a memory foam structure. In velvet or polyester, it will be offered in bright and neutral shades.

The modern screen

Covered with openwork braiding, especially caning, the screen lets the light pass subtly.

Canned furniture

The caning, in natural or synthetic material, is available on all types of furniture such as headboards, sofa, and armchair structures, but also luminaires.

Metal legs

The feet of the tables, armchairs, chairs, and buffets are dressed in metal with brass, copper, steel finishes to give them a touch of elegance.

The Art Deco chairs

The chairs are more rounded, thinner and more curved to give the impression of flower petals, with metal feet obviously and velvet finishes.

The poufs inlaid with brass

The beanbags, mostly velvet, have brass inlays to magnify them and make them luxurious, or fringes to give them a little bourgeois side!

The imposing mirrors

The mirrors are more significant than ever this year and are very impressive, to the point of putting them on the ground.

The daybed/chaise

The meridian is a beautiful piece that comes to replace the traditional sofa to give a little cozier and art deco. It is a lovely piece of furniture that brings more comfort while being flexible, depending on the space you have.

Cabinets / chiffoniers

This year, they are made of more contemporary materials and are placed as easily in your entrances as in your living room.

Jewelry fixtures

Lighting fixtures are scattered with beautiful and precious pieces, playing on the light and contrasting with the interior to give new reflections to your room.

Brass tables

We play again on this precious metal to personalize the tables with aged gold finishes that come to break the image of a slightly too classic and neutral interior with polyester furniture, for example.

Rattan armchairs

Natural fibers remain more than ever in the trend with rattan armchairs for a chic bohemian style that we love so much!

The entrance furniture

This is the most trendy furniture of the moment to place in your entry to deposit an empty-pocket, a pretty candle, a beautiful bouquet, and a small mirror!

The keywords of this year will have you understood: authenticity, neutrality, and quality.

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