It is always a joy to be able to write about trends, fashion, and novelties regarding the house and the objects inside it. Today we return to a topic concerning garden furniture.

You have often heard me say that the table is a fundamental element at home.

It is the place where the family gathers, where, eating or quietly sipping a coffee, you find yourself.

At the same time, even if you live alone, it is the place where you stop, you take a break from the pressing rhythms of modern life. We sit down and take care of ourselves, feeding, or quenching our thirst.

Here, I made this introduction because, for me, the outdoor table has the same importance as the one at home.

I have selected for you some examples that have struck me for practicality, for beauty, for innovation from the material.

Beyond the value we want to give to this piece of furniture, in fact, it is the material of which it is composed that raises some more questions. It must withstand the high temperatures of the sun, the cold ones of winter and of course the weather conditions.

As usual, I hope you like them and that they can inspire you in the most satisfying choice of your garden table!

Outdoor extendable tables in resin

Resin is not always synonymous with elegance, and the great designers do not ever decide to shape this material with their creativity. However, the example I bring you is mainly functional, beautiful to look at and comfortable to transform if it serves to accommodate a larger table.

Modern cement-fiber garden tables

This is an outdoor table that I loved immediately: the table itself is created with ultralight cement fiber, resting on a steel base. A beautiful desk that brings the tactile pleasure of stone even outside the home. Beauty and resistance coexist well here!

Outdoor tables in iron

Iron is always a pretty sight in the garden table. I especially like those in style, like shabby or Proven├žal. I believe it is the most suitable material for these tendencies, and some imperfections can only give to the overall aspect.

Wooden garden tables

Wood is also a classic that always inspires me. Logical that here it is essential to always have at hand a good maintenance program that can protect and shine with its beauty over time the wooden outdoor table. I love those in solid wood, where the warm strength of the material transmits all its beauty and solidity.

What do you think? Which table would you complete with your garden furniture?

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