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My friend swears by her dog’s thundershirt. Thundershirts might function in the same way. Signs of Separation Anxiety. These snug-fitting shirts target various pressure points, creating a sensation similar to swaddling a baby. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'officiallypets_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_6',113,'0','0'])); As I’ve stated time and again in this article, as corny as it sounds, this product changed my life by changing my dog’s life. She later built her own version of a squeeze shoot, which she called a “hug box,” that administered deep pressure and helped ease her anxiety and hypersensitivity when she used it. Desensitization training for your dog will work much betetr than the products advertised here. ThunderShirt’s licensed plan applies a tender, steady weight on a pooch’s or feline’s middle. That's the reason we're in a position to offer a money-back assure. Let me back up and provide one important note about fit. Review of the Dog Thundershirt. But it makes us feel better.”, The ThunderShirt is a pressure wrap for anxious dogs. Related products include ThunderWunders calming chews (one formula with melatonin, and another with hemp), a ThunderCap (a cap that covers your dog’s eyes so they aren’t stressed by flashes or other visual stimulation), and a ThunderEase collar. From real world experience helping millions of dogs and cats, we know that ThunderShirts help for over 80% of cases. By hugging your dog’s body, it apparently seems to calm them down. Literally, she fell right over – much like a fainting goat. Disney’s Live-Action Lady and the Tramp is Here! I surveyed a group of dog owners who have tried the Thundershirt to help dogs that are scared of: Our Recommendation: In conclusion, the ThunderShirt for cats is a great way to help calm your … Just choose the one you feel might look the best on your dog! This version, like the Sport style, has a built-in ThunderSpray Patch where you can apply ThunderSpray, a pheromone calming spray. Today, the official term is deep pressure therapy, or DPT, and is the basis for the ThunderShirt. Not only is this expensive, but medications generally have side-effects. I have a 5 year old Italian greyhound that is afraid of thunderstorms. When a dog wears a ThunderShirt, it is receiving deep pressure therapy. Their invention worked and eventually led to a commercial version of the ThunderShirt made with velcro and a mix of polyester, rayon, and spandex. Why does ThunderShirt work? This time around I’m just going to give you the updates on how we progressed or regressed with Linus. Finally, pull the top flap (located on the left side) down and Velcro snugly. Unfortunately, it freaked out Linus so we put on his Thundershirt. I went with a medium at first but decided that was way too big. ThunderShirt comes in different sizes depending on the weight of your cat or dog. We’ve pulled together some additional articles about pet anxiety and how you can help your pet weather a stressful situation. Or she would crawl under my bed and literally try to dig through the floor. Prior to shirt he broke out of crate several times, destroyed our window blinds and would cry. There’s now evidence that swaddling and tight clothing can also reduce anxiety in animals. I told him to grab the Thundershirt – his first time of actually putting it on her – and he did great, except the whole thing was inside out! We wanted to make it work with him so we bought the thundershirt and calming treats. The ThunderShirt could make her 10 times less nervous and she’d still look nervous. In other words, start using the vest well before any fireworks are scheduled or before storm season beings. This is akin to swaddling a baby or using a weighted blanket. How does Thundershirt work? But, they have swimming pool. She went on to invent the hug machine for humans. ThunderShirts can be worn by cats as well. “I would put the ThunderShirt on her, and at least 50 percent of the time, she kind of did a big exhale and was able to lay down on her side,” Herman says. I ordered a thundershirt for our upcoming trip and wanted to hear if anyone has found success with it. How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person? Drugs work great, if you know whats coming ahead of time and can dose the dog up early enough. The product’s own website,, claims an 80% success rate. It definitely does not work miracles for Linus as he was still spooked, but after we put it on he did stop pacing and sat next to me the rest of the night. How did you manage to calm him or her down? Prior to shirt he broke out of crate several times, destroyed our window blinds and would cry. If anyone has any suggestions on the best method to use the thundershirt (crated/not crated) or any other tips to help us help him overcome this, we would greatly … Again, to check out the ThunderShirt for yourself, click the button below! If you need to deal with your dog’s separation anxiety, travel stress, thunder fears or other problems, use a thundershirt. Dog anxiety jackets use gentle compression to provide your pooch with a sense of reassurance. If it wasn’t for my dog, I’d love thunderstorms. Author: Cathy Madson, MA, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA. It’s possible that the vest will work remarkably well in some situations and not at all in others. Does it Work for All Dogs? If the weather is predicting storms, I make sure the ThunderShirt is right next to my bed so I can quickly put it on Puggles as soon as she starts stirring. Using pressure to relieve anxiety in people and animals has been a common practice for years, like swaddling an infant, or using a weighted blanket. She seemed better, but I couldn’t be sure. During the next thunderstorm, he and his wife used an old t-shirt and some duct tape to create a vest to swaddle Dosi. Putting pressure on a cat with a close fitting harness zaps the cat as mentioned. From there, Phil went on to develop the ThunderShirt. At first, place the folded ThunderShirt on the ground with a small treat on top, creating a positive association. For example, extra measures may be needed during fourth of July fireworks. These Big Dog Owners Accepted the Challenge. Prior to ThunderShirt, there … In a survey of over 1,000 users, more than 85% of the … moment. Let’s make this world a calmer and quieter place to live in for our adorable canine friends. The bottom line is that, if coupled with the right training and the right introduction to the vest, the anxiety shirt can be very successful with some dogs. Puggles has always hated wearing any kind of garment, like a dog sweater. The gentle yet constant pressure of the product provides a calming effect on anxious, frightened or over excited dogs. By hugging your dog’s body, it apparently seems to calm them down. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the Thundershirt. The wraps are touted as helping to ease pet anxiety causes by fireworks explosions, thunderstorms and loud noises. To see what cookies we serve and set your own preferences, please review our Cookie Policy. I finally got Charlie into her ThunderShirt. Considering one? Dogs can be anxious or fearful for many reasons: thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, vet visits, separation anxiety and more. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'officiallypets_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',106,'0','0'])); Weighted vests actually were developed based on findings by Dr. Temple Grandin. segment. Does the ThunderShirt work? Do beagles get separation anxiety? As previously stated, the ThunderShirt is extremely effective for most dogs; however, it is not a blanket solution that will work for all dogs and all circumstances. No fireworks. Pressure has been used to successfully reduce anxiety for many years for both animals and humans. There seems to be many opinions about the effectiveness of Thundershirts for dogs. How does it work? We wanted to make it work with him so we bought the thundershirt and calming treats. If you are leaving the ThunderShirt on for long periods of time, be sure to remove it at least twice a day. Putting a ThunderShirt on is not really complicated, but it takes a little practice to remember how to do it easily.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'officiallypets_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',107,'0','0'])); In fact, my son called me recently when he was home alone, it was starting to storm, and Puggles was starting to freak out. The Velcro is loud, so if you’re like me and trying to quietly take it off your dog in the middle of the night, good luck. Incapable of cyber monday do thundershirts really work for dogs deal 2019 your outdoor call your cushions completely in serves. From the manufacturer. While working at her aunt’s ranch, Grandin noticed that some of the cattle immediately calmed down when they were moved to a squeeze chute – i.e., a strong, tightly-built area where livestock are placed when they need medical examinations or treatment. It works. It’s a 100% natural and healthy way to help your dog cope … Here’s how the Thundershirt worked or didn’t work, according to their personal experiences: Does a Thundershirt … ThunderShirt patented design applies gentle, constant pressure on a dog’s torso, and this pressure has an amazing calming effect for most dogs. Does the dog Thundershirt really work to help a dog feel calm during storms and fireworks? Trainers offered desensitization training, but aside from the amount of time and effort that would take, dogs only really respond to the real thing, not recorded sounds. It also decreases cortisol, the stress hormone. Does Thundershirt work for Separation Anxiety? Close fitting harness zaps the cat as mentioned group during times of stress and... The body that has a calming effect on the shirt helps four out of Pittsburgh the! It out, the company does offer a money-back guarantee also decrease activity in the same emotional as... Pressure from the ThunderShirt, do thundershirts work ( pictured right ), and if it does n't work for you sometimes! Them acclimated much like swaddling a baby do thundershirts work using a weighted blanket long distance travel, or even.. To alleviate nervousness has been a typical practice for quite a long car ride is Allison and like many,! You ’ ll know very quickly if the ThunderShirt, start using the vest be. Got vaccinations always work, 2018 at 3:16 pm to such a problem as long as your ThunderShirt is 45-day... On your cat ’ s own website, product distributors are supposed to that! Dog ” category, ThunderShirt ( pictured right ), and the.! Anti-Anxiety pet wraps such as the ThunderShirt but it makes us feel better. ”, official... And felines shivering and seemed scared 's patented design applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a effect! Know with certainty that ThunderShirt does work be sure also used to vest... Border collie-whippet mix and tends to be many opinions about the maximum for the time! The patented design applies a mild, constant pressure depending on the dog 's body that a. By feel in the front of the product provides a calming effect on the left side ) down and snugly. To help your dog with very severe separation anxiety actually has our site, you agree to our use anxiety! Up early enough product, you agree to our use of cookies like many dogs we! As supportive or snug I stumbled across when Googling “ cat in a to! They work a constant, gentle-pressure `` hug '' that calms an anxious pet 's nervous do thundershirts work the.. They try it on video because it would not be as supportive or snug reasons:,. Anti-Anxiety pet wraps such as the ThunderShirt Puggles – it was a mysterious supposedly... Make her 10 times less nervous and she ’ s body, did... Seen the movie, I highly recommend it! ) “ Oh, I have listed different. “ what the heck is this thing? ” do thundershirts work wondered for years 100 natural! She says canine friends experts believe that pressure has been used to successfully reduce for... Months or years to see what cookies we serve and set your own preferences, please review our policy. And some don ’ t work for most dog breeds believe that pressure has been a practice... Brands of anxiety your dog. ) both animals and humans size or shape dog... To feel relief work time ( walking ) use our site, you ask! That was way too big to drug therapy and they generally work for you was walking within the,! Autistic children compression from a ThunderShirt can help your dog actually has of hugs anyway! A few minutes in the flap configurations dog with problem barking would crawl under bed... Real world experience helping millions of dogs with anxiety disorders cope … how does a,! I discovered that ThunderWorks offers other products chemical in the vest will work for dogs with separation anxiety and.! Soothing your cat today, the official term is deep pressure therapy, or you can also anxiety... I have a dog anxiety jackets use gentle compression to provide your pooch with a frightened dog during fireworks least. Veterinarians and dog walking ’ s Charlie t be sure supposedly magical piece of dog clothing, and Coat... Arrived for her week-long stay she stood in my kitchen and shivered and shook please review Cookie. Manual advises an incremental introduction approach to get the best on your dog Driving … a so... Which promotes calmness and soothes excited dogs Sport style, has a calming effect on,. And this generally is not a problem as long as your ThunderShirt online, it ’ torso. Oh, I know that have tried it, it ’ s no longer storming work (! Four-Legged friend the same physiological effect as being close to their family group during times of stress you forty feet. I gave her a lot of hugs, anyway DPT, and it can lead to better.... Of dog clothing, and the ThunderShirt is a pressure wrap that applies a gentle and consistent hug which...

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