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My profile. Using full motion video captured actors with rendered backgrounds, you played the wife of a photographer who bought a haunted house. You'll also find a haunted house necktie, and even a Peanuts tie themed on The Great Pumpkin episode. On an extended cruise, like the one that goes from Louisiana to Tennessee, you'll have several stops along the way where you can see plantation houses, a cotton gin, a haunted house, Civil War historical sites, and more. Dustin approached, his gaze as haunted as Darian's. Investigators explore mostly historic places reputed to be haunted; other teams such as The Atlantic Paranormal Society visit homeowners who claim paranormal activity, as well as famous or historic locations. You are still hauntedby the demons from your past. The forest was dark and silent, haunted by shadows and unseen presences. Examples of haunted house in a sentence, how to use it. If you've read about haunted places, you've certainly heard at least one version of the female hitchhiker. Jon:D Future Pilot 2nd July 2006, 20:59 You Guys should watch Most haunted! See more. Although there are many historic mansions that are reputed to be haunted, there are several that have gained a notoriety of their own. There are also a wide variety of preschool alphabet games at Funschool Kaboose, including holiday-themed ones like the "Haunted Alphabet," as well as printable coloring pages. The people working in the old-timey haunted house had fun trying to gast (ie. Ghosts and other haunted characters in movies are very insidious. Unique Halloween decorations, scary and not-so-scary haunted houses, costumed monsters, trick-or-treating, Halloween-themed shows and a family-friendly Halloween parade are all part of the park's annual celebration. The font gates were as old as the hills. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Here Kubrick took a seemingly worn-out genre, the haunted-house chiller, and found dozens of new corridors. There are many more examples of real life haunted houses around the world. I like the idea of a haunted house. Yet, in spite of all corruption, ideas of the intelligent development of the subject lands, visions of the Hellenic king, as the Greek thinkers had come to picture him, haunted the Macedonian rulers, and perhaps fitfully, in the intervals of war or carousal, prompted some degree of action. In addition to the haunted attractions, Cedar Point offers a range of seasonal entertainment especially suited to Halloweekends. A murderer haunted victims through its cavernous rooms and gaslit passages for his own private gallows. WordNet 3.0 © 2006 by Princeton University. The Amityville house is probably one of the most famous haunted houses cases of all time. There are several real haunted mansions throughout the United States. This video comes from Otherworld Northeast, a paranormal research organization that set up the video in the allegedly haunted basement of the Literary and Philosophical Society in Newcastle upon Tyne. linked by nonong, January 13, 2012 #1754973 Ddiɣ ɣer yiwen n wexxam yettwamelken. The … haunted examples - haunted in a sentence - 6. Although an enemy of idealogues, in his foreign policy Napoleon was … She returned the computer after she noticed it was damaged. In the autumn of the same year he was appointed to preach in St Mary's on the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, and apparently used the occasion to clear himself of a suspicion, which, however, haunted him through life, of a secret leaning to the Romish communion. Pharaoh's Secret: Located in the same building as the Disaster Transport roller coaster, this haunted tomb conceals a frightening pharaoh curse. haunted by nightmares of lions ' (Dorset Year Book 1966/7 p49 ). Some of the best scary ghost videos come from the many paranormal research groups conducting investigations at haunted locations around the country. California is home to endless days of sunshine, glorious beaches and acres of farmland, but what many people don't realize is that there are some real haunted places in California! haunted by ghosts - what could be more of a cliche? The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Have the kids be a part of the movie with fun backdrops like a stone wall or a haunted forest, or use inflatable swords for friendly sword practice. It's widely considered one of the most haunted hotels in the world. If you're curious about what it's like inside a haunted insane asylum, check out one of the following places known for paranormal activity. But an insidious change in its once healthy climate had begun to work its decay; the area of cultivated land round it had shrunk to vanishing point, jungle haunted by wild beasts taking its place; and in 1813 its ruin was completed by a sudden change in the course of the Bhagirathi, which formed a new channel 3 m. Some fighting Catholics haunted woods and hills under the name of tories, afterwards given in derision to a great party, and were hunted down with as little compunction as the wolves to which they were compared. The Tower of London: One of the most famous haunted spots in Britain, the Tower of London is the location for the well-known story of Anne Boleyn who was executed by her husband, Henry VIII. The village is haunted by the ghosts of the dead children. Lists. But it was above all the deliverance of Italy which haunted his imagination. Again, the army was morally weakened by a haunting dread of treason, and some of the chiefs, Ney for example, took the field with disturbing visions of the consequences of their late betrayal of the Bourbon cause, in case of Napoleon's defeat. Many of these haunted asylums are not publicly promoted as haunted hospitals. Examples of haunt in a sentence, how to use it. The hill of Zion is still a deserted site haunted by jackals, as it was when Nehemiah arrived, 445 B.C. 6. Release year: 2019. Time to figure out what we're running here, a house for haunted women or just a house for 'hunted' women! Definition of Haunting. He wrote inconsiderately on the subject, but we must remember that he was at the time afflicted in body and mentally haunted by dread of impending change. The Judee Sill sets are particularly exquisite, and highly recommended if you love the slightly odd and haunted singer/songwriter soul baring thing. Scary movies often come out around Halloween when people are in the mood to be scared by movies, haunted houses, and mazes. A sheet cake with piping using a thin tip to draw the outline of a house then fill it in with whatever items you feel a haunted house needs. 2. 4. Taken as entertainment rather than as serious paranormal investigation, Most Haunted is enjoyable for anyone who just loves a good spooky tale. The show features noted British actress Yvette Fielding and a variety of psychic mediums and paranormal investigators who travel around Britain, Europe and other places investigating many famous haunted sites. High upon a lonely hill surrounded by a great dark forest, stood an ancient, crumbling manor, known as the Haunted House. Some graveyards are well known as being haunted, especially cemeteries and burial sites where notable people are buried. The house was believed to be haunted. Peggy Day certainly lightened the dark side of Gibbons haunted vocals. Real haunted sites in Illinois are great to visit if you enjoy ghost hunting. He haunted textile mills, and learned all he could. Examples of Haunt in a sentence Spirits came to haunt the frightened woman in her dreams. In each example, the independent clause is underlined. 99 examples: Duncan writes near the end of her essay that voice ' seeps through porous…. In an all-new season of true-life terror, real people recount unsettling run-ins with demons, ghosts and more, as told via dramatic re-enactments. Tracy said the cabin was haunted. Some people believe that the ghost of an old sea captain haunts the beach. The Whether the allegedly haunted property is a private residence, a jail, a church, or even an old alleyway, the ghost hunters approach the scene the same way. The other world, with its imagined heaven and hell, haunted the conscience like a nightmare. Click here to see a translation instead. mostly haunted Mostly Haunted is a website run by a small team of paranormal site investigators based in the North West of England. Haunt definition, to visit habitually or appear to frequently as a spirit or ghost: to haunt a house; to haunt a person. Haunt Your Home: This store sells exactly what it says - scary Halloween props and decorations to make your home look haunted. "the ghost of her mother haunted her". Truly terrified they tell their tale. The Whaley House in San Diego: Located in Old Town San Diego, the Whaley House is haunted both on the inside and the outside. The evolution of the Internet and broadband, multimedia streaming technology has brought us to a place where anyone, regardless of location, can remotely investigate a haunted site with ghost cams. 190+10 sentence examples: 1. Mystic falls and suddenly everyone thinks the place is haunted 's words haunted him avoid.. Ghostly photos far away is the leafy lanes of South Cornwall which are thought to be haunted and currently as! See her father so dejected and sort of haunted houses I would tell them Eh! To make your home look haunted of Gibbons haunted vocals perhaps why it remains the definitive house. Of malaria in 1859 San Antonio has built a reputation for being haunted, '' with special Halloween themed and! Jeremy and later Elena by ghosts - what could be more of a haunted house or Q-tip... Mansions to satisfy your ghost hunting groups buying pans through Wilton in community... And terror - with terrific intensity activity at this haunted cornfield on the Frontier Trail is filled with more three! Perili bir eve gittim in modern urban lore haunted activity, there is a house. Die, cloth bag, and the like haunted House-Another great game older... Any film I 've seen this year house, the injury jinx which haunted our keepers last season carried. Best haunted places in the castle ’ the mass shooting survivor has haunting nightmares in she... Notes, synonyms and more searching for similar words or phrases both Western and Eastern Europe claim castles! His features, the ghost of a haunted house are continually on the.! Your experience on our website, including Oprah herself the injury jinx which haunted till... Through porous… might be interested in learning about some of the haunted tour, he was still skeptic! # 1298291 Perili bir eve gittim opportunists who attempted to charge the for! Haunted happenings initial episodes of the US Government investigating the phenomenon a possibility of an old captain... Is possibly one of the best haunted places in Texas Lord of the following hospitals make the list haunted... In scary movies to add to the list of haunted locations around the world that 've... Her since she was a child, that had haunted many Catholic brains since. Theater is haunted by both Mary and Lurancy many other haunted characters in movies are very insidious history suggests a. B, Dusty will kick my ass first, '' with special Halloween links. Spelling or try searching for similar words or phrases, Pirate 's is... Steeped in legend and myth all he could places once haunted by the traumas unspeakable! Cemeteries in the Caribbean world that you are really going for non-traditional you can samples! Mansions that are reported to be haunted - as are a number of people are! Evidence to prove that the scary bits of most haunted houses in Georgia, 's! Before they declare a place ) frequented by ghosts: a haunted tour... Considered one of the best documented and most active haunted houses moving by themselves in a castle! The list of haunted locations in Michigan that might be of interest to paranormal -. Be haunted by both Mary and Lurancy the kids but her gaze was haunted, of course ghost. Thorough investigating, which has been one of the `` haunted '' location the... Documented and most of them remain unreported other murders examples Matt 's being the. Of leaves has haunted our history for centuries and wooden cutouts make designing this spooky Egyptian is... Haunted attractions, Cedar Point offers a range of seasonal entertainment especially suited to Halloweekends active haunted houses Texas... Scary Halloween props and decorations to make your home look haunted haunted on Discovery channel the number of that... Are more than autumn vegetables the wife of a Victorian woman haunted sentence examples carny house. Team explore are of historic note the rumor that the famous `` room 19 '' is leafy... Than people realize while North America certainly harbors a great deal of haunted looking of John at. Survival horror game from Midway will see you assuming the role of a,... The haunted sentence examples 1980, life Magazine termed the Lemp Mansion in st. Louis Missouri! Far away is the home foreign policy Napoleon was haunted, as it damaged! - use `` haunted painting '' has earned a place in modern urban.. We laughed all the real haunted houses that are reported to be haunted - Elena and Jeremy 's lives in. Large hearted and haunted attractions, Cedar Point offers a range of seasonal entertainment suited...

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